Meaning of each enamel color

Painting nails is an old practice that exists among women (and men too) for many years, it may seem like
a simple detail but having a painted nail makes a big difference in the look. And when it comes to nail
polish, the variety is huge, from light and basic tones to dark and different tones, I bet you have a
favorite nail color. But did you know that each nail polish color has a different meaning? In this post we show you what are the meanings of the nail polish colors, check it out below.


Red enamel

Red is one of the most powerful colors that exists and that cause a great impact, especially on nails, the
enamel of this color means attitude, vitality and passion.


Pink enamel

If pink clothes convey an air of delicacy with a youthful touch, so do nails. Enamel of this color means femininity, softness, passion, romance and delicacy.


Blue enamel

In general, the blue nail polish conveys tranquility and maturity, but it is also necessary to consider the entire
nail polish. Calm blue conveys calm, while dark blue demonstrates a creative and even fun side.


Green enamel

Green is always associated with hope, even when it appears in the hands, in addition to this meaning, it is
also a symbol of health, balance, renewal and harmony.


Yellow enamel

The vibrant, solar color on the nails means attention, concentration and vitality. This shade of nail polish is perfect for those who want to show off nails in bright and cheerful colors.


Black is one of the darkest nail polish colors there is and it usually gives an air of seriousness to the nails, the meaning of this nail polish is reflection, mystery and authority.


Like yellow, orange is a vibrant and very sunny color, who wears it usually has a creative, cheerful and high-spirited personality.


This color is a little more discreet and the meaning is fear, stability and even success.


Earth tones signify responsibility, seriousness and commitment.


Purple is a striking and very powerful color, it means fantasy, feeling and introspection.

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How to choose the nail polish color?

Once you know the meaning of the nail polishes, it’s easier to choose which one best suits your personality, isn’t it? It’s important to know which one really suits your personal style and what you want to convey. All of the above colors range from more open and cheerful tones to more closed tones that convey more seriousness and responsibility, but in addition to the meanings, there are also some factors you can think about before choosing the nail polish color you will use.

1– Choose according to your skin tone: there are nail polishes that go better with certain skin tones than others, and the only way you’ll know this is to test to see which one suits you best. Women who have light skin usually combine more with light nail polishes such as white, pink and blue tones, whereas women with a little darker skin combine more with dark nail polish, reds, golds, purples combine perfectly with this skin and create a amazing contrast.

2– Use nail polish that matches the lipstick: a good way to choose the nail polish is to also think about the color of lipstick you will use, it’s nice to make this combination and use lipstick and nail polish of the same shade, of course some lipstick colors they don’t look very good, but you can use something that has a similar tone.

3– Think about which nail polish is ideal for each occasion: the occasion you go to is an important and decisive fact when choosing nail polish, for parties you can bet on lighter tones and even use some glitter or nail decorations, in more formal events, neutral and serious tones are the best and make you more sophisticated and elegant to go to work or a similar environment.

4– Nail polishes that match the seasons: in the same way that fashion trends emerge when we enter a season, the same happens with nail polishes. Hot seasons such as spring and summer are the light and sun tones that most combine (yellow, orange, purple, pink), while in cold seasons dark nail polishes are the best options (black, brown, red, etc). Think about what season you are in before choosing the nail polish you will use, and also think about what look you want to show, is it something more sensual, delicate or creative? For each of these styles you have the right nail polish.

Creamy, matte or metallic enamel: which is better?

If colors are important for the appearance of the nails, texture is another characteristic that also makes the nails prettier while taking care of them. Among the existing textures, there are some differences between them. Check it out:

Creamy: the creamy nail polish has excellent pigmentation and high coverage, they also give nail polish finish.

Matte: non-glossy finish, these enamel are usually very discreet.

Metallic: has intense coverage, has metallic colors and high shine.

You can find all these textures in different nail polish colors, it is also important to think about which texture best suits each shade of nail polish, after all, both the color and the texture must be combined when you use it on the nail.

Before even choosing which nail polish color you will use, don’t forget to take care of your nails correctly: cut, sand, apply foundation on your nails and only then apply the nail polish of your choice and finish it the way you prefer.

Which enamel color is your favorite? Which meaning of these nail polishes did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!

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