Monochromatic looks: how to wear this trend

Wearing clothes of different colors is already something traditional and that will always be part of the wardrobe and
everyday looks, but the trend of the time is the monochromatic looks. This is an easy, practical way to dress
and can add a lot more color to the look on days when you want to get away from the basics.

What are monochromatic looks?

The monochromatic look is composed of a single color and it predominates the look, it can be entirely of a
single color or have a gradient varying slightly the tones, the advantage of wearing a monochromatic look is that you
don’t have to think about the combination of colors and the contrast they create with each other. On the other
hand, it is important to do a personal color analysis to find out which colors work best with your skin
tone and which one will stand out more or less to use in a unique color in the look.


White monochromatic looks

White is a light, clean color, conveys peace and balance, whole looks of that color are used a lot during
the day and warm seasons precisely for having this fluidity, it is timeless, elegant and combines with practically all occasions.
To wear the “all white” look without looking like a doctor, use pieces of clothing that have small details of another color.


Blue monochromatic looks

The blue color is calm and transmits tranquility, it is one of the colors that has many variations from the
lightest to the darkest tone and that makes it even more versatile, the possibilities of combinations are great, and the
look goes from elegant to cool depending of the chosen clothes and the shade of blue.


Yellow monochromatic looks

Yellow is cheerful, it combines with daytime looks, it is a vibrant color that does not go unnoticed, if you
are looking for a soft look, bet on pastel yellow clothes, or if you want something more flashy, use a dark yellow tone. This is a stylish and casual color, on formal occasions and the night may not work very well.


Red monochromatic looks

Warm tone, which represents sensuality, firmness and elegance, red is ideal for both daytime and evening looks, this is a powerful color that can be used at work or at a party, this strong tone enhances all shades of skin and is very easy to use.


Pink monochromatic looks

Synonymous with delicacy and femininity, the color pink has always been associated with childhood, as it is a favorite color of girls even when they are children. To wear a monochromatic look all pink, care must be taken in choosing the pieces, so as not to look childish, invest in more striking pieces that have sophisticated cuts and details that enhance the body such as necklines or slits. And of course the whole composition will also depend on the chosen shade of pink, light pink makes the look lighter, while dark pink makes the look more striking.

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Green monochromatic looks

A color that refers to nature and hope could not result in anything other than a beautiful look, full of style and personality, green is a neutral color and is suitable for different seasons, the light green is refreshing, perfect for summer compositions and for occasions during the day, while the dark green is a little more closed and heavy that combines much more with the winter look and to be used at night.


Vibrant and full of energy, orange clothes leave the look cheerful, flashy and stand out even on the grayest day, despite being an extravagant color, it is possible to use it in an elegant way, the essential tip to get the look right, is to mix models and textures to achieve a sophisticated and different look. To soften the look, use accessories with earthy tones.


Lilac is a light and very delicate color, while purple is a strong color and synonymous with luxury, both work perfectly in a monochromatic production since they result in very fashionable and daring looks, if you are looking to escape the traditional colors, it is worth betting on lilac or purple, and if you do not want to use just one of these colors, mix the pieces starting with the shade of lilac and ending with purple.


Elegant, sophisticated and versatile, black clothes are practical and go with almost every occasion, it is essential to have at least one piece of black clothing to achieve an all black look, as it is a neutral color, it can be combined in different ways and it is interesting to even mix fabrics to make a difference in production. If you want to decrease the black of the look a little, bet on accessories that are of different colors.

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Gray is a very discreet and neutral color, it is a great option for a more basic look, an all gray look can vary from vintage to contemporary easily, depending on the clothes that are part of the composition. An essential tip to make this look a little more impactful, is to add an accessory with a border color, it can be a different earring or a bag.

Putting together a single color look from head to toe is easier than it looks, separate the clothes of the same color you have and see if they match each other, or use a similar shade to create a gradient and follow the same color, Monochromatic looks are a strong trend of the season and will be on the rise for a while longer. If you are used to wearing neutral colors, you can start with monochrome all white or all black looks and then invest in more vibrant colors.

Do you like monochromatic looks or prefer looks with different colored clothes? With what color would you create a monochromatic look? Which of these is your favorite look?

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