Must involve kids to make Internet safer place: Experts

Mumbai, Sept. 15 — With children increasingly using the Internet, education and cyber experts have said that there is a need to involve children in the process of making the Internet a safer space for them.

At an event in Goregaon on Friday to mark the 50th year celebration of Children’s Academy group of schools, cyber expert Rakshit Tandon said that peer-to-peer sharing is the best way to deal issues about cyber safety among children.

Today, much of the content that students consume on the Internet is violent and inappropriate for their age. Their ideas about something as complex as a relationship is often built from wrong influences,” said Tandon.

We are working with schools across the country where we encourage appointing cyber captains in schools. These are students who are trained about the ill-effects of this content and share the same with their peers,” added Tandon.

Samir Dalwai, city-based developmental psychiatrist, said children need to be kept away from screens in the initial three years of their life.

Exposure to screens at an early age is very common and most parents are not aware of its ill effects. We are planning to launch a campaign soon in this regard. The idea is to rope in college students to spread awareness as it would be relatable when children their age talk about these issues,” he said.

Rohan Bhatt, trustee, Children’s Academy group of schools, said, “As schools, we are also learning about the harmful effects of technology. While teaching computers has always been a part of the school curriculum, the time has come to teach students how to become responsible netizens,” he added.

Source from HT media

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