Nach Baliye 9: Vishal Aditya Singh, Madhurima Tuli evicted amid fights, multiple controversies

India, Aug. 27 — Nach Baliye 9 contestants Vishal Aditya Singh and ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli have finally been evicted from the show. The two were among the worst rated on the show and were voted out by the viewers.

Vishal and Madhurima were exes but managed to impress the audience and the judges with their convincing chemistry and powerful performances. The two were in danger zone along with the couple, Shraddha Arya and Alam Makkar, when they were voted out by the audience.

Reports of tiffs and fights between Vishal and Madhurima had appeared even before the premiere of the show but the two continued to remain professional on the dance floor. Vishal had even told Hindustan Times in an interview, “Whatever differences we have are in our personal lives, not in our professional lives. The name of the show is Nach Baliye and not talk Baliye. I have got a big platform to show who I am, how I work, how I live, what do I think. I like dancing and I am being paid to learn dance. When I am being paid to learn dance and getting so much appreciation, why would I say no?”

Talking about his relationship with Madhurima, he said, “That bad phase has passed. Mere ishq ka na koi aks hai, na koi shaks hai. I don’t know whom it is for. I am over it and don’t want to be in a relationship. I myself don’t know if I have moved on or not. I need time to understand. I only want to focus on my work.”

Meanwhile, Madhurima told Times of India in an interview that its wrong to say that their appearance on the show was only about controversies and not dance. Claiming that their love has changed into hatred now, Madhurima said, “It becomes difficult. Our Self-respect, our egos clash big time and it becomes very disturbing. I don’t feel like performing with him. Initially, I would just shut my soul and wasn’t bothered by him but with things happening, again and again, it affected me and it’s very difficult to cope up, I can’t express. When you are unhappy with each other, it’s not a positive feeling to work.

Source from HT media

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