Oily skin: a complete guide to caring for the right shape

Having a beautiful and hydrated skin is something that anyone can have, although some types of skin need more care
than other skins, as is the case with oily skin, it usually has a very unpleasant shiny appearance. But believe
me it is possible to reverse this aspect of the skin with daily care, learn to follow a complete guide
for oily skin.

Features of oily skin

Oily skin has characteristics such as: excessive shine, heavy feeling, excess sebum production, enlarged pores and a tendency to acne.

Causes of oily skin

Causes of oily skin

Oily skin can be caused by external problems that are reflected in the skin or by daily habits that cause
the skin to produce a greater amount of sebum, some of the main causes of this type of skin are:

  • Lack of hydration on the skin
  • Consumption of fatty foods
  • Wash your face many times a day
  • Exposure to the sun without protection
  • Pollution
  • Use hot water to wash your face
  • Clean the skin with dirty hands
  • Use products contraindicated for oily skin

Daily care for oily skin

Just like any other skin type, oily skin requires a series of daily care, but one of the biggest concerns
that you must have when taking care of your skin, is with cosmetics, they must be used in the correct
way and with components that benefit the skin. See the care for oily skin.

Cleaning: cleaning is the first step you should do, it helps to control oiliness and unclog pores that are clogged
by external factors (such as makeup and pollution), use soaps that have clay or zinc because they are two elements
that help in oiliness control.

How to clean oily skin: cleaning should be done twice a day, morning and night, gel soaps are best because they dry quickly and do not dry out the skin.

Tonic: toning is a complement to cleansing, it does a deep cleaning, removes the dirt that the soap cannot remove and rebalances the pH of the skin, due to the astringent effect, reduces the enlarged pores.

How to use: apply the tonic to a piece of cotton and apply it to the skin without rubbing.

Moisturizer: for having this shiny aspect, many people believe that oily skin is already hydrated and a moisturizer is not necessary, but this is not true, this skin needs hydration to replenish the water level and leave it balanced so as not to produce sebum as protection, the moisturizing cream helps to restore the vitality of the skin.

How to moisturize oily skin: apply the moisturizer twice, morning and night.

Sunscreen: essential to protect the skin from the sun, the sunscreen for oily skin must be chosen carefully, this because it cannot have oil in the composition, sunscreens with dry touch and oil free are the best options, in addition to having high protection against UVA and UBV rays, they leave the skin with a matte effect
How to use: the sunscreen should be applied two to three times a day.

Other products for oily skin

Facial Serum

The facial serum is a very practical product to be used on a daily basis, they are recommended for oily skin because it has an aqueous texture that adapts and dries quickly on the skin, while hydrating with its numerous active principles.
How to use: it can be used before the facial moisturizer or you can replace the moisturizer and use only the serum, two or three drops are enough.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C brings several benefits to the skin, it reinforces protection from the sun and has antioxidant power, combats blemishes, sagging and expression lines.
How to use: must be used before sunscreen.

Assets in cosmetics for oily skin

When we talk about cosmetic texture for oily skin, the main recommendation is that you always use those that are in gel texture and that have a dry touch, regarding the components, you should always avoid what has oil to avoid the rebound effect, but there are other actives that appear frequently in products and are very beneficial for oily skin, which are:

Salicylic acid: reduces skin oiliness, favors cell renewal and has anti-inflammatory action, is indicated for unclogging pores
Zinc: mineral responsible for decreasing sebum production from sebaceous glands and controlling excess shine.
Lha: has keratolytic action that prevents the formation of blackheads.
Nicotinamide: vitamin B complex, reduces dryness, improves skin texture and prevents the appearance of blackheads and acne.

How to care for oily skin

Daily habits to improve skin

Even with a routine suitable for oily skin, using the right products, it is necessary to adopt some habits to improve the appearance of the skin from the inside out.

Drink lots of water: everyone should drink 2 liters of water a day, people who have oily skin should drink a larger amount to cleanse and moisturize their skin.

Do not eat fatty foods: these foods may taste good, but they damage the skin and make it much more oily, avoid eating foods that are fatty or do not eat often.

Clean your phone frequently: we use the phone daily and it can accumulate a lot of bacteria, the moment we touch the device to the face, it comes in contact with various dirt and increases oiliness, so clean your phone frequently with a cloth and alcohol.

What to do when acne appears on skin?

The main characteristic of oily skin is the excessive production of the sebaceous gland that favors the appearance of new acnes, if that happens, do not squeeze, apply a pimple dryer, avoid applying makeup in the region and drink a lot of water during the day, of course it depends a lot, if the case is severe and you have more acne, treatment with a dermatologist will be necessary.

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Showing beautiful skin is good, and if your skin is oily this care must be doubled, follow these tips from the post and in a short time the results will start to appear on your skin.

How is your skin type? Do you take care of her properly? What care cannot be lacking in your beauty routine?

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