Oversized clothing – how to wear this trend

2020 made us completely accustomed to loose and comfortable clothes and 2021 brings all these characteristics to oversized clothes, but it’s not today that she’s successful,trend of the 80s and 90s, the clothes that have this broader modeling will appear more and more in different pieces of clothing. Want to know how to wear oversized and still look stylish? Check out the following tips.

What are oversized clothes?

Oversized are those clothes that do not have a standard size, they are made with larger measures than
conventional ones, mainly in the width of the shoulders and sleeves. This does not mean that you need to buy
an outfit of the normal size than yours, the oversized outfit already comes with the slightly larger size that is
precisely to have this effect.

Jeans oversized

Oversized jacket how to wear
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Denim jacket: the denim jackets were the first pieces that began to appear in oversized length, over time other
clothes were gaining this wider feat, they are a classic of the female and male wardrobe and add a touch
of style to your look.

For being a much heavier piece and with a stripped style, you can combine it with traditional clothes (jeans,
shorts, skirts and dresses).

Denim pants oversized how to wear
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Denim pants: if you have the habit of wearing skinny pants, then you may have a little difficulty adapting to
oversized pants, but one guarantee is certain: they are very comfortable and funky.

However, unlike other models of pants, this one does not suit all occasions, because it is very wide and with
vintage style, it is ideal that you combine it with other tighter blouses.

Oversized shirt

Oversized shirt how to wear
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Elegant and very sophisticated, the oversized shirt goes well from the work look to the most chic event, she is
the key part of the feminine and very refined look and there are great varieties when dressing.

You can combine it with tights, or if the shirt is long, you can put a belt around your waist and use it as a dress.

Oversized coat

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A third piece will always leave any production with a much more stylish look, and the coat is one of those pieces that is always complementing and adding a great touch of style even in the most basic productions, oversized is already present in blazers, coats, trench coat for a long time, and it has been great options to be worn during cold days, the trick to dress it the right way is to combine it with other tighter pieces.

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For warm days the jacket can also be used as long as it is in lighter versions like kimono or elongated cardigan, you need to be aware of whether the fabric is really fresh and refreshing to the heat, as this is a piece that you can use during the day, then, you can bet on colors and prints and combine with clothes that have lighter colors, to finish, add delicate and small accessories.

Oversized t-shirt

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Everyone has at least one t-shirt at home and knows how comfortable and indispensable it is, and oversized T-shirts further enhance that feeling of comfort when you wear it,besides of course adding style to a piece that is already so popular in our wardrobe, you can wear it with a tighter piece underneath (like biker shorts or leggings), or just wear the shirt as if it were a dress, to not show too much in this combination, put on tight shorts.

Oversized sweatshirt

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Dearest of the cold days, the sweatshirt is already fully inserted in your looks of staying at home and on the street, and it is that basic piece but that can easily be used in a stylish way, wear a longer length sweatshirt with pants or shorts underneath so it will look more feminine and charming.

For a casual and street composition, combine this piece with wide jeans, which will be a basic and cozy composition in the same measure.

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All oversized

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If you want a double comfortable and wide look, you can combine two wide pieces in one outfit, this will be a little more exaggerated and very stripped-down look, ideal for those who have a looser style and are used to this type of clothing.

You can use the two pieces of sweatshirt, or t-shirt and baggy jeans, you can mix fabrics in this type of combination without fear of daring too much.

Oversized dress

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Not one of the most versatile and feminine clothes that exists is free from oversized length, the long dresses of this model are very wide and comfortable for hot days, it has sleeves and the wide bar that makes this piece more elegant, it is certainly a piece that you wear and that attracts attention. To dress, you can use only the dress and avoid accessories or other elements that leave the look with a lot of information.

Care when combining oversized clothes

Now you know several ways on how to wear oversized clothes in your day-to-day look, but there are still some precautions that you take with the proportions of the clothes to not look like you are dressed anyway.

Pay attention to the size of the pieces: the striking feature of oversized is exactly being too big and wide, which is why it is recommended that when wearing the oversized piece on top (such as sweatshirt or shirt) you wear something tight underneath (biker shorts, legging , skinny pants) because there needs to be a balance in your look, the same rule applies if you have something very wide at the bottom is that it matches with the most fitting top.

Be careful with clothes: small people should avoid wearing both clothes in the same color, because it will cause the impression that it is smaller, since larger people can mix colors in the same look.

Extra tip: borrow your boyfriend, father or brother’s clothes and wear them, because the effect will be oversized and will make your look very stylish.

Do you like the oversized length? What’s your favorite combination?

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