Pantaloons jeans: 9 different ways to wear

When it comes to pants, we women have nothing to complain about, there are models for all tastes and occasions: skinny pants, clochard, pantacourt, mom jeans, the list is huge, but in spite of the fabrics that varied a lot in the pants (from the most fluid to the heaviest) jeans are the ones that are used the most and that have a bigger space in the female and male wardrobe, the causality and informality of the piece perfectly matches the comfort that people seek to have in their everyday look.

It’s amazing to see how a piece of clothing that is so inserted in people’s daily lives, can still change and appear more and more stylish, like pants, pantaloons always seen as an elegant piece with sophisticated fabrics, in recent times it has appeared in the jeans version, even referring to the 90s but with a more current and stylized design, is that trend that deviates from the traditional model and allows us the possibility to vary a lot when it comes to using, can be used from a casual event to work, if you are looking to buy one or already have yours, learn how to use these pants that are pumping.

Pantaloons with t-shirt

Pantaloons jeans and T-shirt looks
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Do you know that traditional combination of jeans with t-shirt? This unbeatable pair is perfect for those who want a
basic look and at the same time beautiful, there’s no secret when it comes time to assemble, just take that
shirt you already have in your wardrobe and put your pants on, and the look will be ready, wide or
tight T-shirt, the pants allow many possibilities and combinations.

Pantaloons with knot blouse

Pantaloons jeans with knot blouse
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Sometimes a simple detail can make the look even more stylish, the knot blouses invaded the store racks and they
stand out even in the simplest of looks, t-shirt or knot shirt, anything goes, this combination is ideal for those who want to wear pants with a blouse that is not extravagant and still has a subtle detail.

Pantaloons with puffed sleeve blouse

Pantaloons jeans and puffed sleeve
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The mix of the puffed sleeve blouse and pantaloons pants had everything to go wrong, since they are bulky pieces,
but on the contrary, this combination is a hit, full of style and elegance, the puff sleeve suits more with
tight pieces but this is not a rule to be followed and these looks above prove it, the pants break
a little of the romanticism so characteristic of the puffed sleeve, balancing the tidy with the stripped.

Pantaloons with cropped blouse

Pantaloons jeans cropped blouse
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Cropped is one of those blouses that arrived and became fashionable, in the most different variations, from t-shirts to tie shirts, to wear it with pants without error, the ideal is for the pants to be high waisted, to enforce that rule of not letting the navel appear when wearing a cropped blouse.

Pantalone with shoulder-to-shoulder neckline blouse

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The shoulder to shoulder neckline and pantaloons is one of the trademarks of the boho style, is that unpretentious look, you get dressed up in no time, the shoulder-to-shoulder neckline blouse is one of those models that is always on the rise and is very versatile, for those who really want to get into the hippie vibe, bet on platform or birken sandals.

Pantaloons with sweater

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Pants with a sweater are the pair that we wear and we don’t even want to take them off our bodies, besides being a very hot option for the cold, it’s mega comfortable, you can change the style of the sweater and the way you wear it, inside or outside your pants. Cold asks for boots, people, and they add even more style to the look with pantaloons.

Pantaloons with turtleneck blouse

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In recent years, the turtleneck has been one of the most used blouses (especially on cloudy days) if it will continue on high we still don’t know, but it’s timeless and looks good with just about everything, if used with pantaloons, the style of the look can vary from the most informal to the most classic.

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With shirt

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If your job doesn’t require a completely formal outfit, you can mix social pieces with casual ones, like a more elegant shirt and pantaloon jeans, if the shirt is closed it can be used quietly and open the buttons for happy hour maybe, it’s that style trick that makes a difference when used at the right time. When the pants are a little more basic, then it is worth investing in shirts with a more sophisticated fabric, ruffles and prints can complement the classic casual look.

With blazer or jacket

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The shirt with the pants is already a good look for work, now try adding a blazer and you will look like a business woman, the viscose fabric of the pantaloons can be replaced by jeans, if you want a look with a more stripped style, the formality of the composition is up to the shirt and blazer. Is it an all jeans look you are looking for? It can also be combined with denim jacket, but be sure that this will be a little heavy look, good for cold days, opt for jeans of different shades in both pieces, so it will not look like a set.

Which shoe to wear with pantaloons jeans?

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Looks with pants that have a wide modeling and wide bar the biggest difficulty is to find a suitable shoe that matches the rest of the composition, shoes that cover the entire foot should be avoided, but there are some options that you can use, which are:

High-heels and thick sandals: the shoe gives firmness and does not stand out so much in the look.
Pointed toe sneaker: the sneaker gives the feeling of stretching.
Flat sandal: perfect to be used on hot days and to be more comfortable.
Mule: makes the look more elegant.

Do you like pantaloons jeans? Which combination is your favorite? How do you like to wear this model of pants?? Which look is your favorite?

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