Personal style – 5 tips to discover yours

Whenever the subject is fashion around here, the essential tip we give is that you always wear clothes that match
your personal style, you don’t need to be wearing the most current fashion trend if it doesn’t suit you, personal
style is much more associated with your unique identity than the clothes themselves. But do you still have doubts about your style? How to match your clothes? So, check out the following tips to find out.

What is personal style?

Physical appearance is the first thing that someone notices when they meet a person, and personal style is like a
form of communication, it is built since childhood, from our tastes, habits, frequented places, and several
other characteristics that reflect in personality and choice of clothes, over the years, the personal style does not
change completely, it can suffer some adaptations for several reasons, but still you will keep its essence.
Personal style is something unique, and knowing yours will make you much more confident and prepared to dress
for different occasions.

5 Tips to Discover Your Personal Style

1- Organize and analyze your clothes

The first step for you to discover your personal style once and for all is to take all your clothes
out of the wardrobe, separate the clothes you wear frequently and the clothes you hardly ever wear. Analyze
the clothes you wear most often and see what they have in common, it can be a similar element or
characteristic between them, try to score because it really suits your style. Also analyze the clothes you don’t wear much and think about why it is not part of your everyday look, often these clothes are bought at the moment of impulse or for a specific occasion and it is difficult to combine with others. Organizing your clothes will make you more clear and help you define your personal style.

2- Have references

With social networks nowadays it is possible to have a multitude of look inspirations to be able to be inspired when creating your look or matching certain clothes, save all the references you like, it can be a color chart, specific pieces or a look, of that it is possible to analyze and identify something that can be part of the construction of your style, and this is not for you to copy completely, just to use as a source of inspiration.

3- Think about the clothes you would like to have

Do you know when you look at a look on the internet and like some clothes? Think about the possibilities you can create with that outfit and how it fits your style, make a list of the pieces you would like to have, but think carefully if you are really going to use it, to help you in this process, analyze your reference folder and see how you can use it, if it really is something that suits you, it is worth it purchase.

4- Buy specific clothes

After discovering your personal style, you will never again buy clothes on impulse, your purchases will now be done intelligently. With the list of clothes you would like to have, go to your favorite stores and buy only what you need, if an outfit doesn’t match your style, the places you go or your personality, then avoid buying, believe me, it will make all the difference when you create your looks, you will have greater practicality and ease when combining and still save money.

5- Dress the way you feel best

Fashion consultants are always dictating the right or wrong way to wear some clothes, which favors more or less a certain body type, but you shouldn’t be too attached to it, the best way to really express your style, is to wear what suits you and is for you to dress the way you see fit, comfort above all and it is important that your personality is expressed in your look to demonstrate more confidence. It is also worth remembering that you can have a defined style but you don’t need to use it every day, when you feel like it, you can vary the style of your looks or mix them to create a unique look.

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Universal styles

There are seven styles that are considered universal and used around the world, after these tips, it became even easier to identify which one is yours. Check it out below.


Personal style traditional

This is a slightly more formal and refined style, women dressed in this way convey confidence and firmness. Tailoring pieces such as blazer, classic and straight cuts, structured accessories and sober colors (black, navy blue, gray) are part of this style.


Personal style casual

For those who like to dress in a comfortable and unpretentious way, the sporty or casual style is the one that most fits this profile, designed for comfort and practical and versatile clothes, the woman who follows this style has a more simple look and designed for the day to day, and the most preferred and most used clothes are t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants and sneakers.


Personal style romantic

Style that exudes femininity and delicacy is the romantic, clothes that mark the silhouette, pastel tones, lace, ruffles, draped and pleated are in the wardrobe of the romantic woman.


Looks with a different concept, asymmetry and contrasting colors are part of the modern style, this is a look that conveys confidence and boldness, but the pieces must be used in a balanced way so as not to weigh.


The elegant posture and way of dressing is already natural for the woman who has a sophisticated style, they value clothes that have greater variability, good cut, fit and use various color charts.


The image of the powerful, seductive woman who likes clothes that  value the body is the definition of the sexy woman, they convey sensuality and self-confidence when wearing dark tones, with tight modeling, cleavage or slits and fabrics such as leather, vinyl and transparency.


The mixture of styles, modeling, which mixes colors and yet generates a different look is the creative style, it is a bold look.

Now do you know what your style is? What clothes do you use most often? What suits you the most?

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