Puffed sleeve blouse: how to wear this trend

A trend that emerged in the 16th century and as a symbol of luxury, puffed sleeves returned to the scene
since the end of 2019 and continues to be successful in all types of looks until now, and the best
thing is that it suits all styles. From the simplest to the most exaggerated models, the puffed sleeve is
present in clothes in all forms and if you want to know how to use it, just keep reading below.

History of the puffed sleeve

Puffed sleeves emerged in the 16th century in the Renaissance Era, then became part of a more romantic style during the Victorian Era in the 19th century, at that time this style of sleeve was widely used by men and people with some social power like Queen Victoria, considered a luxury item. Many years later, puffed sleeves returned to fashion during the 1980s with a little extravagant volume, how is its main feature. They have recently returned to fashion with a little smaller volume in different styles of blouse and more casual style.

How to wear a puffed sleeve blouse?

The puffed sleeve blouse stands out precisely because of the voluminous sleeve, that is, it should be the main piece
of your look and it is ideal for you to combine it with pieces that are more tight and dry in the lower region. Here are some look options.

Puffed sleeve blouse with pants

Puffed sleeve with pants looks

A casual look with a romantic touch is the combination of the puffed sleeve blouse and pants, these two
pieces together are so versatile and that you can vary a lot when dressing. Regardless of the color or shape
of your blouse, you can match it with dress pants and casual pants that are tighter to the body, and
the cool thing about this composition is that it can be adapted and worn from the workplace to a more
casual environment.

Puffed sleeve blouse with skirt

Puffed sleeve with skirt looks

If you want to create a more structured look that mixes heavy fabrics with something delicate, use the puffed
sleeve blouse with a skirt (it can be jeans or leather). They are two completely different pieces that together create a different and somewhat modern contrast. The rule here remains the same, as the blouse is already voluminous,
the skirt should be tighter and preferably short above the knees, in this way, no clothes stand out more than the other.

With shorts

Puffed sleeve with shorts looks

A symbol of informality, shorts are that piece of clothing that goes well with casual looks, wearing them with
the puffed sleeve continues in that same casual footprint and with a touch of color. You don’t need to be
so attached to fashion when wearing these two outfits together, you can even allow yourself to be more “free”
and mix colors. To add a fashionista touch, use some accessories.

With jumpsuit

Puffed sleeve with jumpsuit looks

The most versatile piece that exists could not be left out, unlike what many people think, the jumpsuit can indeed
be used with a puffed sleeve blouse in a very charming combination. However, you need to know how to
choose the blouse and overalls well so as not to get too exaggerated or one outfit stand out more than
the other, balance is the key word for this combination and remember to wear different fabrics and colors to have symmetry in this composition.

Puffed sleeve blouse in monochromatic looks

Monochrome is the real trend of 2021 and is so versatile you can wear it with this blouse shape too. Regardless of what you are going to use in the lower region, it must be the same color as the blouse to create a monochromatic outfit, if you want something in a different color in this look, bet on accessories, shoes or bags that have another color.

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Organza puffed sleeve blouse

Even nowadays, the puffed sleeves are a bit reminiscent of royalty (with less volume and exaggeration) but sophistication is present, especially in the blouses that have the organza sleeves, this fabric makes the blouse and the look more elegant. The style you want to wear it depends on you, if you want something more traditional, wear jeans, if you want something more formal, combine it with tailoring pieces.

Printed puffed sleeve blouse

Wearing a printed outfit is not always a simple task, while some prints can favor others that disfavor the body, so you need to be more careful when wearing a print on an outfit that already has an exaggerated modeling such as puffed sleeve blouses. In this case, the print should be simple and for the look not to have too much information, it should be combined with another piece in a neutral color.

Knitting puffed sleeve blouse

Even in cold weather you can wear the sleeve that is the trend of the time, because knitting with the voluminous sleeves is the trend for this year’s winter. As it already has this detail, it does not require the use of a third piece on top, the essential tip is that you dress up on your legs, it matches all types of pants, skirts and shorts are more recommended on cloudy days.

Other tips for wearing a puffed sleeve blouse

  • Ideally, the blouse is more structured on the body to give an air of elegance: this style of sleeves, some
    have lighter fabrics and others heavier, for the blouse to wear well, it is ideal for it to be structured so you don’t
    look too stripped.
  • If you have bigger arms, the blouse tends to give more volume: if your intention is to disguise the size of the
    arms, avoid blouses with puffed sleeves, they are voluminous and show the arms.

Fashion is cyclical, after so many years, the return of the puffed sleeve is proof of how this trend still remains timeless. Easy to wear and very stylish, this is the perfect blouse for you to wear in many different looks and always be sophisticated.

Do you like puffed sleeve blouse? How do you dress her? Which of these looks is your favorite?

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