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All tales of Mahabharat explaining about how powerful they are. So, I am still curious to know that what was their actual height and body at that time? How long were they live? I also heard that there is one temple in ...Read more

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In today’s lifestyle people use to get different bad habits or can say multiple. Many of them creating serious issue with your health. Common consumption of men and women are liquor, cigarette and tobacco. But out of them which is more dangerous ...Read more

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We can see that many people are not able to get command on english language and for them it’s like big phobia. Many kids are facing lots of difficulties to learn english in class. So, facing problem to learn any foreign language ...Read more

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I can also usually tell within the first few moments of talking to somebody on the internet whether they are from a native English-speaking country or not. They’ll use slightly different phrasing. Use of idioms is also a dead giveaway. I ...Read more