Reasons to buy clothes at thrift stores

The way to consume has changed more and more over the years, this has even reached the fashion sector,
before buying in big stores, the latest fashion trend was something incredible, now the trend is to shop at thrift stores. Much more conscious and advantageous, thrift stores have expanded around the world. Here are some tips and reasons to start shopping at thrift stores.

What is a thrift store?

A thrift store is not an ordinary fashion store, it is part of a concept and lifestyle, it sells used
fashion items, including clothes and shoes, at much more affordable prices, thus being a more sustainable
fashion environment.

What is the difference between thrift store and bazaar?

This is a common doubt among many people, it does have its similarities, but they are completely different.
The thrift store is usually more organized and works as a fixed store, the clothes are curated to look new
and thus are priced at lower prices than conventional stores and are displayed at the thrift store, on the other
hand, the bazaar usually takes place with the aim of benefiting some place such as churches and associations, the clothes have very low prices and do not always undergo a curation process. Thrift store or bazaar each has its
benefits and for you to buy second-hand clothes you need to know what you’re really looking for, is it an
outfit from a well-known store for a lower price? Go to the thrift store. Want a cheap outfit and still help a social cause? Go to the bazaar.

Now that you know the main differences, it’s time to learn the main reasons to buy at thrift stores, check it out below.

Women buy at thrift stores

1- You help the environment

How can buying clothes help the environment? It’s simple, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in
the world and the more you consume fast fashion, the more waste is created that pollute the world, shopping at
thrift stores is a very conscientious way to consume, because you will be buying clothes that have already belonged
to someone, so you reuse the clothes, increase the life cycle and reduce the making of additional clothes. Consuming fashion in a sustainable way can contribute a lot to the environment.

2- Clothes are cheaper

Everyone loves a discount and being able to save money, don’t they? And buying at a thrift store, it’s a guarantee
that you’ll spend a lot less and take more clothes, this is because the prices of thrift stores are usually much
lower than those of fast fashion stores. Money that you would spend in a conventional store, you can save and buy something else.

3- You can find unique pieces

One of the advantages of shopping at thrift stores, for sure, is the exclusivity, there you can find unique pieces and you will hardly find anyone who has something similar. But you have to be patient, at the thrift store the clothes are not prominently displayed, so you’ll have to look a lot on the shelves, if you’re lucky, you can even find some designer clothes for a much lower price.

4- Your outfit will have a story

Buying a second-hand outfit is the certainty that it has been to many places and has been in many different looks, after all, someone else has already gone through many moments wearing it. Buying clothes at a thrift store is much more than a purchase, it is also an experience. If you are interested in fashion history, ask the sellers about the history of the clothes you are buying, ask about origins and anything else you are curious about, believe me, they will have a lot of stories to tell you.

5- Have clothes from past collections

Usually when a new collection is launched in a store the clothes are new and very expensive, in a thrift
store you can find these clothes for a much lower price and thus have clothes from past collections.
It’s almost like buying clothes at a sale.

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Reasons to buy at thrift stores

Tips for buying clothes at a thrift store

Now that you know some reasons and the benefits of shopping at thrift stores, it’s time to start frequenting the environment to really start consuming clothes in a different and more sustainable way. However, before going to a thrift store, you need to pay attention to some details before making the purchase. Learn some tips below.

  • Make a list of what you want to buy: before you even leave the house, take a look in your wardrobe and see everything that is missing and what you need to buy, after that make a list with the clothes you intend to buy. A thrift store is a place with many things and it’s normal to want to buy everything, but you need to be focused on what you want, to avoid spending more than necessary.
  • Set a price to spend at thrift stores: after creating your shopping list, it is time to establish the amount you intend to spend, clothes are cheaper there, but you need to stipulate how much you will spend. Also be careful not to spend more money than the essentials.
  • Check the quality of clothes: normally worn clothes tend to have an aged look. Before buying, make sure the clothes are in perfect condition, without uncut or frayed. If that’s all right, buy the outfit, especially if it’s a vintage piece, because it can be a great and precious relic in your wardrobe.

Having a capsule closet, buying a few clothes in sustainable places has become increasingly common habits, and if you want to change the way you consume you can also adhere to these new habits, a good way to do this is to start going to thrift stores, so you will have many trendy items and much more money.

Have you ever shopped at a thrift store or do you prefer to shop at other stores? What is the most valuable piece you have ever purchased at a thrift store?

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