Shampoo and conditioner bar: how to use it and the benefits

Washing your hair with shampoo and liquid conditioner is something so common in our daily lives, that the
possibility of using these products in a bar shape is even strange, right? But believe me, this is becoming more
and more common and it’s not something that has emerged in current times, this invention has been around for
20 years, it’s great and brings many benefits to the hair. In this post we clarify all the doubts you always
had about the bar-shaped shampoo and conditioner, see below.

Shampoo and conditioner bar benefits

What are shampoo and conditioner bars?

Made with natural and organic ingredients, the shampoo and conditioner bars work in the same way as products
in liquid format, the difference is only in the format and because the bar version does not harm the environment,
as they are fully biodegradable, do not contain dyes or chemical preservatives and are much more beneficial to the hair. The value of these shampoos and conditioners can be more expensive depending on the brand.

How to choose shampoo and conditioner bar?

Just as liquid shampoo and conditioner has several options for each type of hair, the same happens with
these products in the solid version, before buying one, you should check carefully what its purpose is and what ingredients are in the formula. Some features you should pay attention to before choosing your shampoo and conditioner are:

  • Check the actives: every product contains actives in the formula that can be artificial or natural, each of these actives can behave in a way in the scalp. Shampoo and conditioner bars normally the actives are natural such as essential oils, clays, extracts of leaves and fruits. Before choosing one, research a particular asset to find out what their benefit is and whether it is suitable for your hair type.
  • Choose products that have specific properties: be it moisturizing, hair loss, anti-dandruff, root strengthening or oil reduction, there is a shampoo and conditioner bar with these properties, use those that act according to what your hair needs.
  • Check the bar size: bars can yield a lot, usually ranging between 80 and 100 grams per unit, depending on the product can yield up to 90 hair washes, think about it when choosing the size of your bar.
  • Choose shampoo and conditioner that has a fragrance according to your taste: shampoo and conditioner bars have very strong concentration of both product and aroma, they remain in the hair even after washing and drying, so choose a scent that is of your preference.
Shampoo and conditioner benefits

How to use bar shampoo?

See the step by step below.

1– Moisten the hair and apply the shampoo to the scalp;

2– Rub the shampoo in a bar until it forms a foam, massage until the ends;

3– Thoroughly rinse hair and then apply conditioner.

How to use bar conditioner?

See the step by step below.

1– With wet hair, spread a thin layer through the hair (never on the scalp);

2– Massage the hair well so that the conditioner is spread through the strands.

3– Leave on for three minutes and rinse thoroughly, then finish as you prefer.

  • The bar conditioner is very concentrated, you don’t need to apply a large amount to take effect. This makes the product last much longer.
  • The frequency of hair washing with shampoo and conditioner bar is the same as for conventional products.

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Benefits of using bar shampoo and conditioner

Hair looks prettier: regardless of the type or color of your hair, a fact is that bar products will improve the esthetic appearance of hair, they become softer, with a hydrated and frizz-free aspect. This type of product can be used for all types of hair (especially for those with curly hair) and people who have dyed hair can also use this shampoo and conditioner, because the color stays on for longer.

It’s ecologically correct: in addition to taking care of your hair’s health, you’ll also be taking care of the environment by using shampoo and conditioner bars, they are free of chemicals such as paraben, sulfate and dye. And the bar shape is more advantageous and sustainable than plastic bottles that are discarded and pollute the environment.

It is Ideal for people with sensitive scalp: chemical-free and made only with natural ingredients, the shampoo and conditioner bar acts on the scalp without damaging the hair, for those who have allergies or cannot use certain components in this region, this product is excellent.

Yields more: a bar shampoo yields an average of 60 washes and the conditioner can be used in up to 90 hair washes, as they are highly concentrated you don’t need to apply a lot to clean the hair and get the desired result, this means that it is a very practical, economical product and contributes a lot to the environment.

This hair trend is an excellent way to consume consciously and still take care of yourself in a natural way, if you are still very used to using shampoo and liquid conditioner, maybe it’s time to change your habits and use the bar, try it, test and see how it behaves to your hair, remember that these are products that, in addition to leaving your hair beautiful, are much more economical and sustainable.

Have you ever used or use bar shampoo and conditioner? What is your favorite scent? Do you use it correctly or still prefer to use liquid products? Tell us in the comments.

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