Shoes trends for 2021

2021 is full of stylish trends for fashion and shoes could not be left out of this, after all, we
want to be well dressed from head to toe, right? If in 2020, slippers were the most used shoes, this
year is the time to give chance to other models of shoes, check below what will be the main trends.

Clog shoe

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Hit that feeling that you’ve seen this shoe before? Yes, this trend was already very successful back in the 90s, returned to 2021 with some modifications, fashion is cyclical, so it is very likely that your mother or grandmother has already worn a shoe of this style and now it can also be part of your looks, cool, right?

Metallic shoes

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The time when metallic shoes were restricted only to the night look is over, this year they came with everything just to stay in the summer and looks of the day, in fact, these shoes appeared in late 2020 in other colors and now have new versions in pink, gold, silver and blue, the variety is great. Combine this shoe with monochromatic looks, or with neutral tones like black, white and nude, because the metallic color on your feet will be the highlight of the production.

Ugly sneakers

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The controversial tennis returns in 2021, ugly tennis made the biggest success in the world of street style in 2018 but in a short time it fell into oblivion, now it appears in the same bulky model, with a thick and versatile sole as it is. You can use it with a dress, pants, skirt, or a more tidy and slightly feminine look and sneakers will break that delicacy, contrasting with the look.

Birken Sandals

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2020 really got us used to the slippers, they continue but in a more stylish way, in the shape of Birken. comfort, lightness and practicality is what defines this type of shoe with two thick buckles,it is ideal to complement the summer looks or even to make your stay at home look much more stylish.

Square shoes

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This year as well as last year we will prioritize everything that is comfortable and the shoes will not be out of this, forget those shoe models that we are used to with a thin or round toe, because this time the shoe with the square toe cap will predominate, the perfect shape to make your feet very comfortable, in addition to having a more elegant aesthetic than other shapes.

Kitten shoes

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Let the high heel stay for another year or occasion, because now it will be the turn of the kitten shoes, aesthetically it may not please much, but it is a great model of shoe to wear and you can find it in different colors, that is, it can be the perfect shoe to finish a certain look.

Thick block heels

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Another type of heel that guarantees comfort and style in the right measure is the thick heel, and it will appear many in sandals during summer 2021, and this is that type of heel that suits everything from pantaloons to long dress.

Hiking sandals

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It can even be a somewhat childish model, but make sure that the trousers are like stepping on the clouds, this sandal model appears this year in the most different versions, low, with a small heel, colored or sober colors, it’s great to be used in relaxed environments.

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Thin strap shoes

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In 2021 the shoes will be a little more delicate and you can already see that by the amount of shoes that are being released with the thin strips, this characteristic that usually appears in sandals and flat shoes makes shoes very sophisticated and can be used on different occasions, you can find it in different shapes and materials.


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Do you already have your good and inseparable mule at home? So you can keep using it, because the shoe remains, the model has hardly changed anything, they follow the same elegant style and are ideal for both summer and winter.

White boots

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Success of street style, white boots appear to make the look much more elegant and different, after all this is not such a common shoe color, when using it you can mix it with pieces of clothing of totally different colors thus creating a contrast.

Tie dye shoes

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The success of the tie dye was so great that now it has invaded shoes, from sneakers to sandals, this dyeing will be present, it will be a colorful point in a more neutral look and a great option to be used in the summer, as this trend combines too much with the season, if you like colorful shoes, it’s worth investing.


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In the material matter of shoes, vinyl will appear a lot, with a sophisticated style it can be used both in the work look and in a party look, because this type of shoe goes from the relaxed to the formal look in a matter of minutes and is of course it varies depending on the model of your shoe, but it is very versatile, it is worth having one because the possibilities of use are many.

Just as so many industries were affected by Covid-19, the footwear industry also suffered the impacts of the disease, most of the trends that were predicted for last year, have to be relocated for this year, so be prepared for “these news” and for the price that may be a little higher than usual. But our feet deserve, besides a comfortable pair of shoes, that they are also beautiful, right?

This year there are shoe trends for all tastes and styles, which 2021 shoe is your favorite? Which one have you used the most? And which one do you intend to use?

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