Stiletto nails: what they are, how to care, nail art ideas

The stiletto-shaped nails took a while but definitely fell in with women and this was somehow influenced by
celebrities, because when it comes to trends, celebrities are like true dictators, they are tuned in and showing the
most current trend whether in fashion or beauty. The influence of celebrities is so great that the shape of stiletto
nails spread and boomed among women in beauty salons, however, displaying different nails and nails that
deviate from the conventional format requires a lot of care and then we teach you the step by step of
how to take care of them. Check it out below.

What are stiletto nails?

Stiletto nails how to care

Stiletto nails were a big trend in the 60s and 70s, these nails are long and have a pointed shape,
which makes them look like a claw. This nail shape tends to make women sexy and add a lot of
personality, they are ideal and look good on all types of hands.

How to have stiletto-shaped nails?

There are a few ways to get those powerful, pointed nails. See below:

1Use artificial nails: whether gel, silicone or false nails, you can find them in stiletto formats. If you perform the gel or silicone nail lengthening procedure, ask the manicurist to make your nails look sharp.

2Cut your natural nails in the stiletto shape: if your natural nails are big, one thing you can do is cut and file your stiletto nails. However, your nails need to be strong and you should take the time to achieve this shape. See step by step how to cut stiletto nails at home.

  • Mark the center of the nails: the shape is different and if you don’t do everything right it can cause an error, so mark the center of the nails with a pen and then cut.
  • Cut the nail diagonals: be very careful at this time, cut the nails in diagonals correctly to be in the stilleto format.
  • File your nails: after cutting, file your nails, this is an essential step to keep your nails aligned and improve their appearance.
  • Give the final finish: after sanding, give the final finish to your nails, apply foundation and the enamel of your choice. And remember that this is a different nail shape and needs special care.

How to properly care?

If you already have stiletto nails, then you know you need to take care of them correctly so that they
are always beautiful and in the right shape, for that, you need to take care of them with these tips:

1File your nails weekly: this nail shape needs to be maintained, for that you should file it at least once a week to prevent it from growing into another shape or breaking.

2Always use strengthening foundation: all nails need foundation to stay strong and healthy, especially those that are different and can break more easily. Always keep them with a strengthening base, even if it is without nail polish.

3Avoid making the ends too thin: the intention of these nails is to be pointed, but try to leave the ends a little more rounded at the ends, this makes it easier when doing daily tasks.

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Nail art ideas for stiletto nails

With a different nail shape, it’s time to work on nail art too, right? And it has options for all styles, from the most basic to the most flashy. Check out these ideas.

Stiletto nails art

Stiletto nails are often eccentric and a bit exaggerated, so for balance, use them with clear nail polish such as
white or any pastel color.

Stiletto nails how to care

For those who really want to dare, use brightly colored nail polish on your nails, it will be a very
outstanding look, in addition to being something that goes beyond the traditional.

Glitter makes any nail much more glamorous and shiny, ideal for overnight occasions. Regardless of the nail polish color, combine with glitter to get a powerful and very glam nail.

If you have a more daring style, combine stiletto nails with jewelry, they add a touch of power to your
nails and are eye-catching, but different.

For the more creative ones, nail art can be the right choice, you can mix colors, designs or even jewelry to ensure a unique look. But be careful for your nails not to get too much information and to avoid that the shape or nail art stand out too much, it is necessary to balance the nail and shape to match each other.

Showing stiletto nails is something for women who have personality and who like to innovate even in small details, if you want to invest in this format, go ahead and try, cut, care and paint the way you like and that best suits your style.If after a while you get tired of these nails, you can cut them off and wait for the natural ones to grow into the normal shape.

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