Striped print: how to wear

A classic print of fashion, that goes beyond generations, versatile, is definitely the striped one. Since it appeared in
the women’s wardrobe, the striped print has never left the scene and is always a striking figure in the most
varied styles of looks, an outfit with this print can guarantee you many possibilities and creativity when dressing.
Learn below how to wear striped clothes in a stylish way.

Striped print history

The striped print has existed in the history of fashion for many years and has marked many decades, in the
Middle Ages it was used by criminals, employees or those who had a position considered below the standard
of society, in the 17th century, it was a symbol of freedom, politicians used this print and over time became
a navy uniform, after observing these uniforms, Coco Chanel was the stylist who introduced this print in
women’s fashion and since then revolutionized fashion. Already in the 1950s celebrities Audrey Hepburn and
Marilyn Monroe wore striped clothes in a very glamorous way, since then, this is the versatile, elegant and favorite
print of many women.

Vertical or horizontal stripes: which to choose?

Prints can either favor or disfavor the body, and when it comes to striped print it can cause both
of these effects, so it is recommended that you think about what you want to show or disguise in your
body before wearing this print. Horizontal stripes widen the body and make people look fatter, while vertical
prints have an elongating effect on the silhouette, and make the person look taller, this goes for both traditional
(white and black) and colored stripes , remember this before choosing the striped outfit you will wear.

How to wear a striped print?

After choosing your favorite piece, it’s time to create looks with it and here we have some suggestions.

Striped blouse

Striped blouse looks

This is one of the clothes that go beyond generations and styles, very easy to combine, you can wear it
any season of the year and you can find it with many variations of modeling, whether crop top, t-shirt or
any blouse model, it is important to choose one that favors your body type and that matches your look.

How to wear: combine with pants, skirts, shorts that are preferably in single colors, as you will be wearing a print
in the upper region, the lower one needs something that is more discreet. Navy blue, black, red are some of the colors that best match this print.

Striped shirt

Striped shirt looks

From casual to formal look, the striped shirt is the key piece for those who want to escape from neutral colors,
because it is a neutral print that makes any look more elegant. At work, you can wear shirts with black
and white stripes or blue and white which are also light tones and ideal for this type of environment.

How to wear: the striped shirt goes well with dark pants, tailored skirts and shorts. When using it, try to match
it with clothes that are the same colors as the shirt and avoid wearing clothes in the lower region that are
printed, to complement this production, add a blazer that in a few seconds will be very sophisticated.

Striped dress

Striped dress looks

The striped dress is that one piece that can make any woman more classic, however, you need to look at
your biotype before wearing a striped dress. If you are a tall woman, avoid vertical stripes because it will look
like you are bigger, if you are a small woman, avoid dresses that have horizontal stripes because that will make you smaller.

How to wear: to wear a striped dress, bet on a style trick and put a belt around your waist or add a coat or jacket over it, finish with high heels or flat shoes.

Striped pants

A few years ago, striped print pants were a fashion trend, with time they stopped being used, but there are still some more discreet and perfect pants models for those who want to wear a different pair of pants. It is possible to find options with smaller, colored stripes and with different models.

How to wear: the pants are printed and are usually the highlight of the look, so wear a blouse that is discreet and in unique colors. Depending on your blouse, it is ideal that you wear it inside the blouse so as not to detract from the elegance of the pants. If you want to look taller while wearing these pants, wear pants that have vertical stripes.

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Colored stripes

The traditional black and white stripes will always have a guaranteed space in the wardrobe and in the looks, but for those who want something more fun and give life to the look, colored stripes are an excellent option.

How to wear: the clear rule for wearing a print is always to match an outfit that is of a single color, this is especially true for colored prints, to prevent your outfit from having too much information. In the case of clothes with colored stripes, it’s nice to match clothes that have one of the striped tones of the clothes.

Stripe with another print

The mix of prints (wearing two different prints) is a bold proposal and ideal for those who like to wear flashy clothes, striped clothes can indeed be combined with another type of print, as long as it doesn’t get extravagant. Floral print, checkered, animal print and polka dot are the ones that best match striped clothes, but to look really good, pay attention to the colors of the prints and whether they match each other.

How to wear: balance is everything in this look, it is essential that the prints are of different sizes and that they are of similar colors. Mixing prints can’t always work very well, so it’s a good idea to try it out before you wear one, try different clothes with prints to see which one looks best.

Having a piece with stripes in the wardrobe is essential, it goes with just about anything and can be your best friend when you are not creative when it comes to dressing.

Do you like striped clothes? Are you in the habit of using it? Which piece is your favorite?

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