Stupidity faster than Corona

More than 190 countries and 300K people came under Corona virus infection but some people are still not taking this disease seriously.

There are so many videos becoming viral showing stupidity of people against corona virus fight and trending on twitter and other social media platforms as #stupidity, #NoBrains, #Morons etc.

Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of India, people literally came out and formed rallies. It was on appeal of Prime Minister Modi to stay home and at 5:00 PM clap for our health workers on their effort to make us safe. But at many corners of country and city like Ahmedabad people took it completely wrong and instead of maintaining social distance they gathered on road and started to celebrate it like a festival. See below are the viral images on twitter –

Same way many videos from other corners of country became viral showing the stupidity of people who gathered on streets instead of following government’s advisory to stay home and maintain social distance.

Instead of social isolation these Shia people gathered to show trust in Ali to cure them –

This maulvi refusing to use hand sanitizer and arguing with officials saying that he is muslim and taking care for corona as per Islamic rule –

This TikTok Start 22, licking toilet seat for corona virus challenge –

Costco Line people queued outside mall –

For some people social distance means like go out and enjoy picnic with family and friends. See below stupidity of people across the world.

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