Summer 2021 fashion trends – learn to wear

Summer started a few weeks ago and do you know what that means? Lots of stylish trends for you to wear during the hottest season. This year you can get ready for clothes with mini length, soft colors and different shoes, some
of the trends that we’ve brought forward here will be on the rise during the summer, plus many others, keep
reading and check out the summer 2021 fashion trends.

Wide Leg pants

Wide leg pants trend fashion for summer 2021

Say goodbye to tight pants and hello to baggy pants, the wide leg pants (a pair of straight pants with pantaloons)
is one of the main trends this summer. With the wide modeling, it is perfect to be used during the heat, because they don’t weigh too much and are refreshing, this is a versatile pants that can be used in different occasions.

How to wear: whether with a T-shirt or a silk shirt, wide leg pants combine with different styles of blouses,
when dressing there is no mistake, always prefer clothes that are tighter in the upper region, to be balanced with
the wide modeling of the pants.

Puffy Sleeve

Puffy sleeve trend fashion for summer 2021

Want a sophisticated or romantic look? So, wear puffy sleeves, clothes that have this flashy and sometimes
extravagant detail is another trend that will remain this summer, from basic to sophisticated looks, this sleeve can
be the highlight of your look.

How to wear: you can use the dress or blouse that has the puffy sleeve, whatever it is, you need
to let it be the main part of your production. So, avoid combining with other clothes that are too bulky
or too printed, you need to know how to balance, if you are wearing a blouse with a puffy sleeve,
put on pants or a tight skirt.

Crop top

 Crop top trend fashion for summer 2021

If you’re not a fan of puffy sleeves, no problem, because another blouse that will be trending this summer is
the crop top, much more basic but extremely stylish, leaving the belly out is something that completely combines
with the summer heat.

How to wear: crop top is basic but versatile, it can be used with pants, skirts, shorts and even
dresses (in an overlay), but the essential rule to wear top crop is not to show the navel, always wear
it with waist pieces high.

Fishing Net Bag

Fishing net bag trend fashion for summer 2021

This trend is perfect to make your beach look much more stylish, straight from Pinterest’s summer looks,
handbags that imitate a fishing net bag will be on the rise, and may not fit much into it, but style certainly won’t miss.

How to wear: carry it in your bag or hands, the color of the bag can vary according to your style,
but always try to match the colors of your look.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors trend fashion for summer 2021

It is common during the summer for pastel colors to emerge as a trend and this time it was no
different, the soft tones will appear in street style looks often, if you don’t already wear clothes in these colors,
you can start using them.

How to wear: because they are soft, these colors are better in monochromatic looks, if combined with strong
colored clothes, they can create a different and striking contrast.

Bikini with straps

It’s amazing how a simple detail can make all the difference in a bikini model that is already so traditional,
since last year bikinis has been used with straps around the belly and they continue to be the trend this
summer, wear a lot this style trick to look stylish during the beach look.

How to wear: if your bikini has a lot of strings, put them in front of your body and go around your belly and waist and tie it behind your back, there is no right rule to follow, just use your creativity when making the laces, remember that this works best in the curtain style bikini.

Clothes with cut out

In April of this year, during the Oscar ceremony, several celebrities went to the event wearing a dress with a belly cutout, there they were already setting the trend for this summer: the cut out, are a feature that makes clothes a little more daring and combines too with the summer, be prepared to find dresses and especially pants that have cutouts.

How to wear: if you buy some clothes that have a cutout, the essential tip is to leave an apparent region (the one where the clothes have the cutout) and in another part wear something more closed in the body, that way you’ll have a balanced look that doesn’t leaves the body very exposed.

Mini skirt

Get ready to feel like a young girl or high school student again, that’s because the mini skirt (length above the knees) is the trend of 2021, this type of skirt has a long history in fashion and is a vintage piece while modern, because of its length, it is great for wearing on hot days.

How to wear: the mini skirt goes with practically all types of blouses, from cropped to long-sleeved shirts, but they must be well combined to create a beautiful look. For example: if the shirt is made of cotton, combine it with the skirt that is pleated and fluid fabric, so you wear two different fabrics and open up many possibilities in your wardrobe. The good news is that the miniskirt will remain high for the next few seasons, you can wear it now and then too.

Square-shoe sandals

We had already stated here that the square-shaped shoe would be a trend this year and it really appeared as a trend this summer, because of this different shape they are very comfortable because the foot fits well in the shoe and allows more freedom when walking.

How to wear: if you wear a different shoe, the intention is to make it appear in your look, for that, combine the square sandal with skirts, dresses, shorts or pants that are at calf height. This sandal is elegant but you can also wear it in casual looks.

A season of the year and 9 very stylish trends for you to wear, and of course like any trend you don’t need to wear just because it’s fashionable, just wear what is part of your style and adapt it in the way you prefer and that makes you comfortable.

Which of the summer trends is your favorite? Which one do you really want to wear during the season?

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