The 90s fashion trends that are used in 2021

Fashion is cyclical, this is a fact that everyone knows, many trends that emerged and were successful years ago
are always returning to fashion in a fresh way, however, referring to the past decades, it’s very likely that your
favorite trend of the moment has already been used at some point by your grandmother or even your mother,
fashion is always making us revisit years past, proof of this is the amount of trends that were used in
the 90s and have resurfaced very strongly in the last few years. In this post we will remember some of
the trends and give tips on how to dress them today without looking like they have a vintage look.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans trends in 90s and 2021
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Jeans are and always will be a classic of the wardrobe and around the 80’s and 90’s, a model that
was very successful were mom jeans (they have this name because the mothers they used to wear), these pants
that have the straight modeling, high waist and a little bit wider it is very comfortable and versatile, maybe
that explains the return of these pants in 2019 and that even today remains high as one of the favorite
pants of the female wardrobe.

Mom jeans looks
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How to wear: the striking feature of mom jeans is that they are wider on the hem, to balance the
look, wear with a tighter blouse and have some sophisticated detail to highlight in the look, if your intention is
to put together a look with a 90s, wear with cropped top or shoulder-to-shoulder neckline blouse.

Denim overalls

Denim overalls trends in 90s and 2021
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Another piece of jeans that has returned to the current times is denim overalls, before it was widely used by
teenagers, but in the last few years it has undergone some modifications and has gained flare, destroyed
and pantaloons, it is a very versatile, comfortable and democratic piece, that is, it can be used by women of
all ages and in different ways.

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How to wear: combine with other tight blouses underneath, a different proposal is to add a third piece in
the combination as a blazer or jacket.

Slip dress

Slip dress fashion trends in 90s and 2021

The slip dress was a successful piece in the 90s, but when it returned to fashion in 2017 it was
the reason for some criticism, precisely because it was made of satin or silk, with thin straps and similar to
nightdress, it didn’t take long for women dissociate this piece from the sleep look and in a short time dominated
the street style, because of the modeling, it makes any look much more sensual and feminine.

Looks with slip dress

How to wear: the slip dress can be used in the look of the day or in the evening look
for parties and ballads, you can wear just the dress or as an overlay with a white T-shirt underneath, this
combination breaks the sensuality of the piece a little bit and is ideal for the day.


Checkered  trends in 90s and 2021

This is a classic pattern, very well known and used in the fashion world, during the 90s it was widely used in the grunge and rocker style, with the passing of the years it has undergone some changes and becoming increasingly part of the looks of different styles, it is a timeless pattern despite having periods in which it stands out more than others, in 2021 the checkered is a trend.

Looks with checkered

How to wear: using prints is easy, use the complete set of plaid clothes or with neutral colored clothes, avoid using two prints together.

Cropped top

Cropped top  trends in 90s and 2021

The cropped top is a type of blouse that is indispensable in women’s wardrobes today, but it was in the 90s that blouses with length above the navel started to appear, today it is possible to buy cropped tops in different models, this type of blouse fits different environments and is very easy to wear.

Looks with cropped top

How to wear: the cropped top can be used with a skirt, shorts, pants and overalls.

Neckline shoulder to shoulder

Neckline shoulder to shoulder  trends in 90s and 2021

One of the necklines that most values the region of the woman’s lap appeared as part of the hippie style, today it is possible to wear blouses with this neckline regardless of your style, it goes from basic to classic in a matter of seconds.

Looks with neckiline shoulser to shoulder blouse

How to wear: a blouse with this neckline is cooler, it is ideal that you wear it with tight pants and sophisticated fabric.

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Waist bag

Waist bag  trends in 90s and 2021

Functional, versatile and very practical, thewaist bag is a great alternative to replace the bag, in 1990 it was used mainly by men as part of uniform, but in the last three years it came back completely redesigned, with very stylish versions that almost don’t even look like the same accessories that appeared 30 years ago, it is worth using a waist bag for times when you need to take a small amount and the bag is expendable.

How to wear waist bag

How to wear: there are two ways this bag, attached to the waist or across the chest, in both ways it is very close to the body, it is easy to pick up what is inside.

Baguette Bag

Baguette bag  trends in 90s and 2021

The baguette bag has a vintage feel and gives a more retro style to the current look, this bag model was created by Fendi in 1997, with short handle and smaller format it is great to be used on a daily basis, both at work and for other occasions, as it is small, it is possible to carry only essential items.

How to use baguette bag

How to wear: this bag is tight and is well below the armpits or you can carry it in your hands.

  • Curiosity: the baguette bag has this name because of the way it is positioned under the armpits, it is very similar to the way the French carry baguette bread.


Of course, the accessories could not be left out of this either, directly from the 90s, scrunchies (hair elastic coated with fabric) returned to be used in hair, has a wide variety of colors, prints, it is so practical and easy to use that it has everything to be a permanent item in fashion.

How to use it: in a bun, ponytail or half-tied hair, the scrunchie makes any hairstyle more stylish and with a fun touch, it’s cool to match your look too.


Inheritance of the 90s and the grunge style, the chokers came back, if only the black choker was used before, today we already have a larger and much more sophisticated variety that complements the looks with much more style, they may have pendants, be of silver or gold, completely different from those used in the past.

How to use it: if the choker has a large pendant just use it, if it is more discreet, combine it with other necklaces.

Revisiting the history of fashion is always good, you can remember how trends were before and how they are today.

Which trend was used before and that you like a lot now? Which of these trends is your favorite?

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