The accessories that will be trending in 2021

2021 has brought many trends in all sectors, in clothing, shoes and even accessories. You might even want a basic
look with a white t-shirt and jeans, but if you wear one of the accessories that are this year’s trends,
will completely change the look of the production giving it a fun and even colorful touch. From the different
ring to the small bag, check out the accessories that will be successful in the coming months.

Baguette bag

This is one of the trends that came straight from the 90s to today, the baguette bag has been the
biggest hit among the it girls and is already a constant accessory in street style looks. Fashionable and practical, she makes her look stylish in just a few minutes. This bag has a long, flat shape, the strap is short and can be used close to the armpit or in the hands, as it has a small size, it’s great for carrying small, essential things that are used in everyday life.


The classic and timeless of jewelry has never been so high as it is now, pearls are back with a vengeance and are increasingly common in rings, necklaces, bracelets and even in clothes. It is the ideal accessory for you to achieve a vintage touch in your current look, if you want to wear it in a more modern way, use pearls that have asymmetrical shapes or combine it with other types of semi-jewels or jewelry.

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Chain necklace

This accessory was successful in 2020 and will continue with everything this year, the chain necklaces are big, flashy and go well with almost any type of clothing, it is the perfect accessory for those who want a different and daring look. You can just wear the necklace because it sticks out easily, or if you want something with more information, you can use a mix of necklaces.

Gummy bear necklace

If you like a fun touch in your production, gummy bear necklaces can be the right option for you, creative and with a childish tone, it is ideal to break the serious style of a formal look and make you more modern and tuned. The necklaces are innovative because of their shape that resembles a gummy bear candy, you can find them in light colors or strong tones. Bet on this trend without fear of looking younger.

Colored rings

For fans of different jewelry, this year’s trend is the psychedelic rings, with different sizes and very colorful. It is a creative and stylish way to wear rings, if you want to increase your creativity, mix rings of different colors and sizes.

Ear cuff

Remember the earring that was very successful between 2011-2012? So they came back in 2021, the ear cuff is a larger earring format that occupies a large part of the ear, it makes any look more stylish in a short time and does not require the use of other earrings.


Beads are here to stay in the fashion world, last year they appeared shy and now in 2021 they are present in most looks. This fun touch that exists because of the colored beads is excellent for highlighting simpler looks and neutral colors.

Bucket hat

Loved by some, hated by others, the bucket hat is one of the accessories that most divide opinions, one thing you can’t deny is that it adds a lot of style to any look. Although it has a more youthful style, it is an excellent option to keep yourself protected from the sun. Want to use your bucket hat creatively? So, invest in hats that have different colors and prints.


Another option for head accessories a little more delicate but that has been very successful this year are the tiaras, from the smallest models to the largest and extravagant ones, they are great to disguise bad hair day.


Do you have a scarf in your house that you don’t use anymore? So, you can put it to new uses, the scarf boom is another striking fashion trend of last year and one that remains. Whether tied around your head or worn with a top, the scarf allows for many possibilities, as long as you get creative. Something interesting is to combine the scarf with the rest of your look, it can be in the colors of clothes or another similar accessory.

– Wear jewelry or semi-jewels of different colors

This is not necessarily an accessory, but the way to use them. Many women still have doubts when choosing the colors of jewelry to wear because they are in doubt between gold or silver, It is true that each type of jewelry bath or semi-jewels combine with different skin tones, but currently this issue is not so much more frequent, because when in doubt about which jewelry color to choose, the current trend is to mix the accessories and use them together. Cool, huh? Mix accessories that you like and that create a nice visual effect together, can be necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, but pay attention and notice if together they create a harmonic or extravagant composition.

An accessory will always have the power to add more shine even in the simplest production, and we have a lot of diversity in this year’s trend accessories, there is something for all tastes, styles and ages. That means you can find the accessory that suits you the most and wear a lot over the next few months.

Which of these accessories above is your favorite? What have you been using most often and which one would you not use at all? Tell everything in the comments.

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