The benefits of facial and body exfoliation

Whoever has the habit of taking care of the skin knows that there are some essential steps for a complete cleansing, which are: hygiene, toning, exfoliation, hydration, protection, and use of facial masks. In this post, I came to unveil everything about one of these processes: the beloved exfoliation, how and when it should be done, and what are the main benefits for both skin and face.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a treatment made with products that have granular ingredients, it removes the surface layer of the skin – where the dead cells are, and make the skin look lighter, softer, and smoother. Exfoliation is indicated for all skin types, but it is necessary to consult a dermatologist for him to indicate the frequency that you can do.

How and when to exfoliate?

Exfoliation can be done at home or at beauty clinics, the products used for facial scrubs are different from the ones used for body scrubs, what doesn’t change is the way it’s done. To exfoliate it is necessary to apply the products on the fingers, then on the skin, and make smooth circular movements, remember that our skin is very delicate and there’s no use using too much force when exfoliating, the result will not be greater, the most you will achieve is irritated skin.

Facial exfoliation should be done twice a week (up to 3 times depending on the skin type), body scrub can be performed every 15 days, different from what many believe, exfoliation cannot be done every day because it damages and dries the skin, completely the opposite effect that we look for with exfoliation. So do it carefully and take a moment to take care of yourself, after exfoliating, don’t forget to use moisturizer, essential to complement care, and keep skin hydrated.

Exfoliation benefits

Both facial and body exfoliation has the main objective of renewing dead skin cells, but each has different benefits, that’s why it’s important to use the right product, as well as the number of times the exfoliation is done.

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Exfoliation facial benefits
  • Attenuates wrinkles and expression lines
  • Fights acne
  • Clears pores
  • Decreases oiliness
  • Improves skin texture
  • Helps fight cellulite
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Prevents hair from getting stuck
  • Stimulates the body to produce collagen
  • Improves blood circulation

What is the difference between facial and body exfoliation?

The exfoliating cream and soap have the same function of doing a deep cleaning and unclogging the pores, however, in each area, it is necessary to use a specific product, like the scrub, they have some differences that must be taken into account.

Facial scrub: the size of the granules are small or medium so that it exfoliates the skin slightly without harming, ideally, exfoliants should be made from ingredients of natural origin.
Body scrub: the granules are larger and in most cases, the formula contains oil or hydrating
cream, this makes the skin much smoother, hydrated, and luminous.

The main ingredient of the scrub is the granules, but what varies in them are the sizes, so pay attention before buying and see if it is facial or body, and understand that the region of the face and body are different and need ideal products.

How to make homemade scrub?

There is a wide range of exfoliating variations, with ingredients suitable for each skin type available at drug stores and online stores, but if you prefer you can create your own scrub at home with these recipes.

Homemade facial scrub

For all skin types

½ Papaya
1 spoon of sugar
Preparation mode: knead the papaya and mix with the sugar and apply to the skin.

For oily skin

1 spoon of honey
1 spoon of sugar
Preparation mode: mix the sugar and honey and then apply to the skin with circular

For dry skin

1 tablespoon of fine rolled oats
1 spoon of honey
Preparation mode: mix the two ingredients, this scrub can be used on the skin or on the

Homemade body scrub

5 Spoon of almond oil or your favorite oil
5 tablespoons of sugar
Preparation mode: mix oil and sugar, and apply to the body with damp skin.

Cleaning brushes can also be used for exfoliation

Exfoliation with brushes how to use

Most of the time to exfoliate, just the soap and making circular movements with your hands is enough, but if you want to enhance this effect and do a more thorough cleaning, you can use a facial brush or spatula to clean the skin, they assist in deep exfoliation. Choose sponges with silicone bristles to exfoliate, as they are soft and have a massaging effect, if you choose to exfoliate your face with a skin scrubber, make the movement that is sufficient to remove impurities from the skin, without hurting.

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When can’t exfoliation be done?

Although exfoliation is indicated for all skin types, the frequency at which it is done must be respected, and for people with sensitive, peeling skin or inflammatory acne cannot do, exfoliation should also be avoided before sun exposure and after depilation. And remember after you exfoliate your skin, apply a moisturizer.

Showing beautiful, soft, and hydrated skin is easier than it looks, as long as you have a proper care routine, exfoliation is one of the ways to make it even more beautiful, but it is worth remembering that our skin is very delicate and that it should always be done smoothly, respecting your skin type and the frequency with which it is made, after all, you don’t want to cause the opposite effect and have dry skin, right? And after these tips it becomes even easier to know the correct way and the benefits of exfoliating the skin, we hope it will be

What do you think of facial and body exfoliation? Do you have the habit of doing it and how

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