The benefits of using natural ingredients in cosmetics

A product available in cosmetic stores goes far beyond display in stores and packaging, each product has
several ingredients in the formula and goes through a series of tests to be made available to the public,
after all, hair, skin and body need the right care for many reasons. People have adopted healthier habits in recent
years and this has even impacted the beauty industry, many ingredients that were previously “aggressive” are
no longer used in products and more and more natural ingredients have been used, whether for skin or hair creams,
if you are used to reading the label, you have probably already read some ingredient of natural origin. But do you know what the benefits of these ingredients are from nature and how they act on the skin? We answer you below.

Natural ingredients in cosmetics

What are natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients are all those extracted from nature, whether from a plant, stem or other source, usually
cosmetics that contain natural ingredients have them as the main raw material and cause less impact on the skin.

Benefits of using cosmetics with natural ingredients

For those who are concerned about the well-being of health and the environment, investing in products with
natural ingredients is a great alternative to being taken care of in a natural way and without impacting the planet. Changing synthetic products for natural ones causes several benefits, check this out:

They are rich in nutrients

Using natural products is taking care of your health from the inside out, because they are rich in nutrients that
take care of the skin, hair and body effectively and much safer, especially for treatments, they guarantee better
results than conventional products and the best of all, it happens in the long run.

Do not harm the skin

Recommended for all skin types, natural cosmetics do not have harmful substances to the skin, that is, you can
use them without worrying about allergies, peeling or any other problem. Thanks to the composition, these products act on the skin in a safe way, without damaging.

Protect the environment

The chemical substances in conventional products are very aggressive for the environment and even for your
health, changing your consumption habit will be a way to use products consciously and take care of the planet in
the same measure. Natural products are ecological, do not cause impacts when used or when discarded.

Are cruelty-free

Usually cosmetics that contain natural ingredients are not tested on animals and fortunately they do not need to
suffer the damage caused by the tests, as the main raw material is of vegetable origin, but even so, before
buying any product, always read the label to be sure make sure of that.

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The best natural ingredients in cosmetics

The best natural ingredients in cosmetics

The benefits of using products of natural origin on the skin, hair and body are countless, but do you really
know what these ingredients are? It has a large list that are extracted and used in cosmetics, check out a list of the most common to be found and the benefits they cause.

Lavender – the oil obtained from flowers is normally used because it has an inflammatory, healing action, it is very common to find this ingredient in healing creams, serums and body oils.

Grape – the seeds of the fruit are transformed into oil that has moisturizing, antioxidant and emollient properties, it is rich in omega 6 and vitamin E that help keep the skin hydrated, soft, and regenerate and prevent sagging.

Shea – butter extracted from a tree from Africa, shea is like a natural sunscreen, it protects the skin and hair against UV radiation, in addition to improving the appearance.

Jojoba – because of its emollient action, it is a highly recommended ingredient for dry and sensitive skin, you can find it in hair serums, lotions, creams and masks.

Coconut – the fruit is one of the most used products in the natural products industries and is excellent to be used in several regions, coconut oil has fatty acids that are emollient and highly recommended for dry skin, it is still possible to use this ingredient in hair to add volume, to the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, among other uses.

Baobab – the amino acids that exist in baobab are rich in vitamins C and E, they have antioxidant, healing and calming power. It is great for the skin because it restores elasticity, prevents stretch marks and improves lip scarring.

Argan – Its use is very common in hair because it is great to control frizz, avoid split ends and keep hair shinier. In addition, it is good for the skin, as it is an excellent oxidant, moisturizer and stimulates cell oxygenation.

Aloe vera – from this succulent plant the glycolic extract is extracted, which is widely used in skin, hair and body products. This ingredient has an emollient, toning, antioxidant, refreshing, moisturizing, calming action, it is highly recommended for the treatment of acne, allergies and for sensitive skin.

Other natural ingredients: almonds, coffee, moringa, murumuru and hops.

How to use natural ingredients?

You can find the natural ingredients in many different versions: facial creams, soaps, oils, hair cream, finally, the variety is huge, but as any product you need to use only what is suitable for your skin type and that follow the usage recommendations which may vary with each product. It is recommended that you use cosmetics that already have these ingredients, but eventually, under the authorization of a dermatologist, you can make a homemade recipe with the ingredients you have at home, as long as you are aware of any problems, right?

How to switch conventional products to natural cosmetics?

This needs to happen gradually, start little by little changing the cosmetics and see how you adapt to them, if the result is positive, change all the other products that are part of your care routine.

You don’t need to completely change your habits, but just having this intention to consume consciously and use products that are good for you and the planet is already an incredible step.

What do you think about cosmetics with natural ingredients? Do you have the habit of using? Tell us in the comments!

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