The Lazy Man's Guide To Home-Based Workouts

When it comes to exercises, a lot of people come up with excuses.  Below are a few of them:

•    I don’t have time for workouts.

•    I cannot afford a gym membership.

•    There are no gyms nearby.

•    I am uncomfortable working out in a crowded gym. 

Some of you might think that you cannot afford a gym membership, which is fine.  The happiest part to know is that you do not need a gym membership either. The exercises mentioned in this article are highly beneficial and will not take much of your time.  In the comfort of your home, you can do these exercises. Time is a concern for everyone on this planet. You will never find people saying I have a lot of time. One needs to take time out from their busy schedule.

We Waste Our Precious Time on Unwanted Things

After the inception of social media, we are wasting a lot of our productive time.  Not to forget television and unnecessary gossip, so wastage of time is at its peak.  Now if we avoid these activities, then there is so much time left, which can be spent on workouts.   A 30 to 45 minutes workout is the best and more than enough to keep yourself in the best shape of your life.

So, the solution to all these questions is simple.  There are a few home-based exercises which can give you amazing results. There is no need for fancy equipment.  Most of the workouts done are body-weight based, like squats, lunges, pushups, and burpees. The core exercises, like planks, bird-dog, are very beneficial and are easy to perform.  

If building muscle size is your aim and you wish to go to the next level, then you can get yourself a pair of dumbbells and resistance tube.  They are easy on your pockets too, along with tremendous benefits.

Types of Exercises

The types of equipment mentioned are affordable moreover they make the workouts intense and fun to do.  These pieces of equipment add a lot of variations to your otherwise mundane workouts. So using these types of equipment would for sure not make you feel that you are missing working out in a commercial gym.  Below are a few images for reference:

Workouts Are Not Time-Dependent

You need to spend only 1 hour from your daily schedule.   If you do not get time in the mornings, then no need to worry as evenings are also suitable for workouts and are equally beneficial as the morning ones.  If you perform these exercises, you will surely be on your way to good health. A 3-day week schedule with proper dedication is all you need to start with; then gradually you can move on to working out 5 to 6 days a week.

The benefits of including these exercises in your routine are many below are a few of them:

  • Helps in gaining lean muscle, which would help you to lose fat.
  • Joints function better, works in-sync with the muscles.
  • Tendons and ligaments become stronger and thicker.
  • Better sleep, happy hormones.
  • Insulin sensitivity improves.

Regular workouts also benefit people with medical conditions like hyperthyroid/hypothyroid, diabetes, heart diseases.  These exercises are the best remedy to keep such medical conditions under control. It also helps in cutting down medications to some extent.  Even in some cases, people have stopped taking insulin injections after a while.


If the above-listed exercises done regularly, it can lead to better metabolism. Burn more calories even at rest, which everyone is aiming.  Remember, also if you want to go on a holiday and have a good time with your loved ones you will still need to be fit. So, don’t wait anymore and start your workouts right from tomorrow to witness the changes.

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