The most used fashion and beauty trends during the pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, several sectors have been affected, and one of them was clothing, trends that were
already foreseen for this year were forgotten and people started to value the clothes they already had inside the house,
giving them new uses and even surrendering to customization, if on the one hand fashion hasfallen, the beauty industry has
grown in recent months, not with makeup, but with other cosmetics.

The routines have changed and this has become clearer in the way of dressing and appearing, joining free time and
bored people resulted in new hobbies that were even able to set the trend and then you can check out
everything that has been successful in fashion and beauty during quarantine.

Fashion trends during the pandemic

Tie dye
Trends tie dye during pandemic
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Bet that even you surrendered to this trend, dyeing was already scheduled for 2020, but it was really during the quarantine that it pumped, with some rubber bands and colored paints in hand, the crowd let their imagination run wild and several pieces came out with mixed tones, from that old t-shirt that was kept at home to the sweatshirt set.

Trends fashion pajamas during pandemic
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The pajamas were declared the official outfit of the quarantine, and could not have better clothes, right? Cozy and comfortable, it was used not only for sleeping but also as an outfit for working at home, among so many options, the favorites and most used were pajamas with long sleeves and light fabric, this is definitely one of the clothes we will want to wear on the street after the pandemic.

Sweatshirt set
Trends sweatshirt set looks in home
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The outfit to stay at home has to be as comfortable as possible, and after the pajamas, there’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a nice sweatshirt set, is that kind of perfect outfit to wear all day long, because it allows you to move without discomfort,it is warm, practical and makes the look much more stripped down.

Muscle tee
Trends fashion muscle tee
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This shirt appeared exactly at the beginning of the pandemic and was even a little forgotten, the oversized sleeveless t-shirt model is comfortable,versatile and even in a short time, was successful in the outfit of those looking for a tidier production, incidentally, not only this model, but t-shirts in general were widely used during the pandemic.

Casual clothes
Trends casual clothes
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The basics have never been more welcome than now, even being in social isolation,there are still many moments when people need to go out on the street,whether to go to the supermarket or take a walk with the pet in the neighborhood and for occasions like this, a composition of pants and t-shirt is enough and is the preferred option of many, even more now that we need to dress and wash faster, it is ideal that the clothes have the simplest modeling and with light fabric,even, this causality has everything to continue in outfits after the pandemic.

Beauty trends during the pandemic

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With the absence of new fashion trends, it was the turn of the accessories to shine and they did it very well,between one video call and another and the unwillingness to dress up completely, the mix of accessories was the lifeline of many women, especially in those bad hair day days or when the person woke up late,since the highlight was all accessories, the trends that stood out most during this pandemic were the chain necklace, beads necklace and maxi-earring were the most used.

Images: Pinterest

Still on the accessories,the scarf is also one of the most beloved this year,since the beginning of 2020 it has been used in several different ways and the success has only continued, in quarantine it was used as a hair elastic, bandana and top, the accessory is stylish and appeared well in the photos and as an alternative to wearing something lighter on both the body and the hair.

Hair fringe
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How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished to change the look during that quarantine? Many? With the beauty salons closed, the way was to use Youtube tutorials and cut your own hair at home, and these homemade cuts,the fringe that had been forgotten for a while, revived, and was one of the main hair trends during 2020.

Gray hair
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This is not a trend, but a liberation, time at home helped people get rid of paints and take on the color of natural threads and the white tone predominated, it was the perfect chance that men and women needed to let their hair grow and show gray hair.

Fun nails art
Images: Pinterest

Taking care of hair at home was not the only thing that people had to do, learning to take care of one’s nails was also necessary, and with a little more time to devote to that, many women abandoned the one-color nail polish and decided to venture into fun nails, there were all kinds of possible designs, from animal prints to emojis, this is a great way to play and display stylish nails, isn’t it?

When thinking about quarantine outfit many people already think of something simpler and in fact it is, but these post trends show that even with so much chaos in the world, still finds a way to reinvent, in fashion, beauty or any other area. The important thing is to use creativity and not to fall into sameness.

It is not yet known what we will wear after all this is over,but some of these trends will continue, others will disappear and new ones will emerge, and this is a great time for you to think about your consumption habits,look at your clothes and beauty products and see what’s really useful for you, make use of what is stored there, donate what you don’t use and make room for new trends to enter.

Which of these trends have you used and which is your favorite? Which trend would you not wear and why?

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