Tips for buying beauty products in online stores

Buying cosmetics is wonderful, isn’t it? The more you have, the more you want to buy, it’s addictive, and as the beauty industry changes constantly, you need to renew your products frequently, but as it’s not always possible to go to a store to buy in person, the solution is to shop online, in addition to practicality, prices are lower and you receive everything in the comfort of your home. But unfortunately, everything doesn’t always go as planned, and I bet you’ve ever bought a product that came with a defect, it happens, but there are some ways to avoid it, and here are some tips for a better experience when buying beauty products on websites.

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1 – Buy at a trusted store

There are thousands of online stores that sell the same product, so it is important to pay attention to the store where you will do your shopping, check how they are evaluated, if the products are original, the comments already made by other consumers, ask people nearby if they have already purchased at the store and how was the delivery, product quality and more. Before clicking the buy button, see if your details are correct and payment methods are secure, you need to make sure that you are buying from a trusted website.

2- Buy directly on the brand website

If you don’t intend to buy from a store that sells all kinds of products, then, you can buy directly on the brand’s own website, this is ideal even when you want to buy something specific.

3- Research the product before buying

You know that product that is now in stores and you are dying to try it? Do a lot of research before investing your money in it, the internet is full of reviews and opinions on all types of cosmetics, search on blogs, social networks, and videos to see if it’s really effective or not, also remember that some products that work well for a person, may not work the same way for you, including, visit your dermatologist frequently. In addition to quality, another factor that you must weigh before buying a cosmetics is in the price, search a lot, because in different sites the values can vary.

4- Buy cosmetics suitable for your skin type

There are different types of skins: oily, mixed, dry, and normal, that’s exactly why there’s a huge variety of items for every skin, if you use a product that is not suitable for your skin, the effect is the opposite and can have several consequences, so it is important for you to know how to identify your skin and whether this cream is right for you.

Don’t know your skin type? See the main characteristics of each one.

Oily skin: oiliness is concentrated in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), it has a shiny appearance and tends to have blackheads and acne.

Mixed skin: oiliness in zone T and dryness in other regions.

Dry skin: dry, rough and low light appearance.

Normal skin: healthy appearance, not shiny or dry.

4- Use a discount coupon

This is valid for all types of purchases, after all, who doesn’t like to save? If the purchase is made online there are many websites that offer discount coupons and allow a certain amount to be returned to your account.

5- Make purchases when shipping costs are lower

There are many stores that offer free shipping after making a purchase with a certain value, but if you are not going to make a big purchase and the freight is more expensive than the product, wait a little longer before finalizing the purchase, the freight price usually varies throughout the day, be attentive and visit the site frequently to check if it’s worth it, if there is a possibility, buy from the online site and pick up at a nearby store which is usually free.

6- Try it as soon as you get home

The most anticipated moment of all is when the purchase arrives, and don’t even think about leaving it to open another time, as soon as arrived, open and see if it is as requested, check if something is wrong or broken, if this happens, contact the store you purchased from and request an exchange, if you take too long to verify your purchase, you may not be able to resolve any future issues you may have.

7- Compare with the physical store product

This is especially for when you buy makeup, if possible go to a physical store and make a comparison with the item you bought in the online store, analyze whether the colors and packaging are identical, it’s hard to happen, but products that are sold online are more likely to be counterfeit, stay tuned.

8- Subscribe to the stores and pharmacies newsletter

There is no better way to stay on top of discounts and news that arrive at cosmetic stores than to accompany them, subscribe to the newsletter, follow the social networks so you stay on top whenever a new product arrives, you can buy first and at a much lower price.

9- After making your purchase online, evaluate the site

This is to do after your purchase arrives, it is not mandatory, but it’s important for stores and even other consumers to know what your store experience was like, a little comment on the website or even on social media can make all the difference.

In recent months, the increase in online sales has grown by 100%, and it is normal the purchases took a little longer to arrive, but, in general, online shopping is full of benefits and makes our lives a lot easier, to not have more problems with your purchases, just follow these tips from the post, make good choices and good shopping.

Are you the type of person who likes to shop online or prefer to go to a physical store? Have you made any purchases and regretted it? And what was your best purchase online?

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