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Want Something New for Your Home? Try These Top 10 Home Decor Gadgets

We always need something new to revamp our home and which will give it a sophisticated and smarter look. Here we have hand-picked these 10 gadgets for your home decor which will give you a whole new experience of stylish and inviting home.

Deadhaus Sonata [CPS] Many GEOs

1.Nanoleaf x Razer

These LED light panels will always steal the look of your house. They are touch-sensitive and are a great product to light your house. They can change color as per your mood and can also change color as per the beats of your song. Its price starts from 4000 INR / $59.

WATCH video of Nanolead Light Panels Demo

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Yes, it is the same thing as its name. This pot hovers above a platform using maglev. It can be a great side desk partner and you can grow your favorite plants in it. A little bit too expensive but worth it.

WATCH Video of LYFE plants

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3.Heng Balance Lamp

This lamp has a switch which can turn it on in midair. It uses two balls and magnets to turn the light. You can buy it for 3700 from below link-

WATCH – Video of Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp

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4.Lua Smart Planter

This planter helps you to grow your plant as it can show the EMOTIONS which your plant cannot. It tells you by making faces when it is dry, too hot, too cold, too much water, too much sunlight and too dark and helps you choose the best place for your plant. You can buy it from the below link for rs. 8000

WATCH – Video of Lua, the Smart Planter with Feelings

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This gadget lets you build your very own planter and anything that you want. It has magnetic balls and sticks which you can use to show your creativity and make every possible patterns and objects from it. You can buy it from the below link for 10500 rupees-

WATCH – Video of TiKA Modular Design Kit

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6.EcoQube C+

This is a perfect product for fish lovers and plant lovers. It lets you grow plants while your fishes swim in its tank which has a 3-gallon capacity. You can also grow microgreens in it. You can preorder it for 7500 from the below link

WATCH – Video of EcoQube C+ Aquarium – Your Window to Nature

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7.Solstice Kinetic Clock

This clock is just a piece of pure art. It opens and closes as per time. It has two modes-1-1 round in 60 secs and 2- hour clock. Approx. price of this clock is 43000 INR

WATCH – Video of Solstice, the Kinetic Clock

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8.Orro Switch

Forget about all those messy switches you use and get this. It is an all in one switch for your whole room’s switches. You can buy it for 40800(pack of three) from the below link-

WATCH – Video of Orro Light Switch

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It is the safest way to lock your homes. It uses a software called pin genie to create a pattern to unlock your door. You can buy it for 15000 rupees from below link-

WATCH – Video of Lockly Smart Lock

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This is a wall clock that changes its shades depending upon the light on it. You can buy it for 4000 from below link

WATCH – Video of DUSK Clock

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