Travel to Diu a coastal town at the end of western India

When we think about holiday we imagine ourselves to be somewhere near a beach with beautiful view and relaxing time. Diu is one of such popular holiday destination. It is situated in coastal town at the eastern end of Diu Island, India overlooking the Arabian Sea. In India, Diu is part of union territory and it’s connected through bridge with state of Gujarat.

diu_nagoa_beach_ifoundmybestNagoa Beach, One of the most famous tourist place in Diu.

The famous tourist attractions contain a 16th century fort with a lighthouse and cannon. There are different beaches attracting tourists in Diu such as Jalandhar beach, Nagoa beach , Ghoghla beach. It also has other attractions like Gangeshwar temple, Naida Caves, INS Khukri memorial, St. Paul Church, Diu Fort.

diu-naida-caves_ifoundmybestNaida Caves constructed by the Portuguese are a set of artificial caves interconnected by a network of tunnels with natural openings allows sunlight to enter the caves.

Nowadays you can also enjoy different types of water sports such as jet ski, Paragliding, speed boat ride etc. at Ghogala beach.

diu-fortDiu Fort is the striking structure built by Portuguese on island in 16th century. Portuguese ruled over Diu from 1537 to 1961 AD.

There are many hotels and resorts which are affordable to everyone’s budget. Diu is island situated slightly off the coast of Kathiawad near the Port of Veraval in Gujarat with a coastal length of 21 kms. and is at a distance of about 768 kms. from Daman, the Capital of the newly formed Union Territory of Daman and Diu.

gangeshwar-temple-five-shivlings-diu_ifoundmybestGangeshwar Temple – This ancient Hindu temple is one of the famous tourist place as it’s believed that Five Shivlings have been built by Pandavas. When there is high tide in sea then sea water submerges shivlings.

diu-museum_ifoundmybest_i-found-my-bestDiu museum is famous tourist spot which is old St. Thomas church was builtin 1598 and later on converted into museum. This museum features antique wooden statues which includes 400 year old wooden and marble statues of earlier rulers, idols, shadow clocks.

Diu is bounded by Gir-Somnath (A big attractions of Asiatic lions) and Amreli District of Gujarat in the North and by the Arabian Sea from three sides. It is connected to the mainland via two bridges.

Its length from the extremes north and south, measures 4.6 kms and width from east to west measures 13.8 kms. The altitude is 6 meters above sea level. The topography is generally plain. The hillocks attain maximum height of 30 metres.

The nearest railway station is at a distance of 9 km from Diu in Delwada. But important trains are linked with Veraval which is 90 kms. from Diu. A portion of Diu District is on main land which is named as Ghoghla. A small part of Diu known as Simbor is situated in Gujarat at a distance of 25 kms.

Alcohol is leagal in Diu.

Climate in Diu

The climate of Diu is normally pleasant throughout the year. The Monsoon season is from: June to September. Temperature range : 15 ° C to 38 ° C. Average Rainfall : 55 cm. As Diu is beach city it’s bit hot and humid during summer.

Local market in Diu

There are no big local market or malls in Diu but a small market from where you can buy gifts for your loved ones such as shell keychain, toys, girl’s accessories, dryfruits , chocolate etc. You can also purchase beach wear from the market.

Best time to visit Diu

As Diu is coastal city so climate is always pleasant through the year. Best time to visit Diu in Winter season is November – February. Temperature in winter will go down upto 12C. As Diu is near to sea monsoon is coming bit early here. Best time to visit Diu in monsoon is August – October. Temperature remains in city between 23C – 37C. In Summer city remains hot and humid. Temperature remains in city between 30C – 38C. Summer is best time as so many tourists prefer to visit in summer and lots of fun activities you will find in in Diu city for site seeing

Travel options in Diu city for site seeing

In Diu city all areas are near by and best options to travel by is to book a cab for whole day and visit all sites. There are also local auto rikshaw or chhakada you can take to reach to Nagoa beach, Ghoghala beach, Diu local market.

Foods in Diu

you can enjoy local sea foods, non vegetarian foods and vegetarian foods. There are plenty of good multi cuisine restaurants near Nagoa beach and Diu Market. One thing you need to take care about timings in Diu for food. You should reach restaurant during proper time for breakfast,lunch and dinner. After restaurant closing time it’s hard to get food and you have to adjust with whatever they have available to serve you.

How to reach Diu

If you are coming from outside of Gujarat state then best option is to reach to Ahmedabad or Rajkot by train or air. Diu is having excellent road network with Gujarat state and other parts of country. Diu does not have it’s own railway station and nearest railways station is Veraval. You can take private Taxi or Govt. bus from Veraval to reach Diu. From Ahmedabad and Rajkot you can get private and Gujarat State Transport bus services to reach to Diu. Most of bus services are running in night time and you can reach to Diu early morning. There are around 7-8 hours by road to reach to Diu from Ahmedabad. You can also book your on rental cars or mini bus from tour operators in Ahmedabad or Rajkot.

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