Trend: ear cuff

Jewelry is a classic that accompanies people for a lifetime with models that vary from the most traditional to the
most different, it is the perfect adornment for those who want to show off a powerful and sophisticated look.
Among the traditional jewelry that exist, there is still room for new things to emerge, such as the ear cuff,
the different shape of the earring that occupies a large part of the ear, has been a trend since 2012
and has returned with everything to the fashion world in recent months. Want to know everything about this trend and how to use it? Keep reading below.

What is ear cuff?

With a different design from the traditional one, the ear cuff earrings are larger and occupy part of the earlobe,
it is placed at the height of the standard hole up to the length of the ear cartilage, there are also the maxi ear cuffs that are more exaggerated in the ear. You can find many variations of this type of earring in stores with the most varied colors, stones, different designs, it is the ideal accessory for those who want something different and very stylish.

How to choose the ear cuff?

With so many options for ear cuffs, when choosing, you should think about your personal style and which ones
your style most likes, from basic options to the most striking and with lots of details. Some of the most used options:

How to choose ear cuff

Chain ear cuff: for those who have an alternative style and are not afraid to dare, this is the ideal
ear cuff, it is modern and cool and usually leaves the look more charged.

Stonework: a trend in the jewelry world, colored stones have been appearing more and more frequently in
accessories, including the ear cuff, they add a contemporary touch to the production and yet it is very elegant.

Floral: for delicate women, the floral ear cuff is the right option, it leaves the woman delicate and at the
same time with attitude.

Pearls: the earring has the power to make the woman more luxurious, but when it contains pearls it usually
follows a classic and very sophisticated style.

To choose yours, you must consider the occasion you will use it, size, stones or ornaments, among other characteristics. Remembering that these models above are the most used, but there are many options with colors, stones, gold
or silver plated ideal for all styles and tastes, look for and use the one you like the most and
be prepared for many stylish productions.

How to use ear cuff?

An earring and several possibilities, whether worn alone or with other earrings, the ear cuff will be the protagonist
in your ear. So, choose a good model and match it with other jewelry that are smaller. Learn below how to use.

How to use ear cuff

1- Use only one ear cuff: do you want the highlight to be in only one place? So wear the ear cuff only in one ear and put a smaller earring in the other, this will be a very creative and daring differential. To use this way, the best ear cuffs are those that have large stones or that are chained, if they are small, they can go unnoticed.

How to choose ear cuff with stones

2-Wear a pair of ear cuff: If you want something more basic but still have the accessory, you can wear the ear cuff on each ear, which will look like a pair of earrings. In this composition, small earrings are better, if they are too big they can be extravagant.

How to choose ear cuff with piercing

3- Combine with piercing: the smaller ear cuff that is a little more than half the height of the ear can be combined with a piercing that is positioned on the earlobe. The way to use it is very charming and is even more beautiful when the two jewels are the same color.

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Ear Cuff and Ear Hook: what’s the difference?

These are two trends that are making the most success nowadays but that still cause some doubts, despite having similar names and being positioned almost in the same way, there are some differences and we explain to you what they are. The ear cuff is located from the ear hole to the length of the lobe, whereas the ear hook is really like an ear hook, you don’t need to use the ear hole because it is pressure and fits into the ear easily. Both models elevate production as long as they are used correctly.

Hairstyles for use with ear cuff

When wearing an earring like this, you should think about everything, even the hairstyle you will use, as the ear cuffs is the highlight of your production, hairstyles in which the hair is tied up and the earring stands out are better. Bun, ponytail, half bun or even wearing a tiara are good alternatives that go completely with this type of earring, remember to leave the ears visible.

Other tips for wearing an ear cuff

  • Combine with other jewels that have the same color and are more discreet.
  • To use during the day, prefer an ear cuff that has stones and lighter colors.
  • To use at night, bet on ear cuffs that are shiny and more flashy.
  • Your outfit should match your earring, if you have a very flashy earring, wear basic clothes, if the earring is basic, wear more sophisticated clothes.

Wearing an ear cuff is easier than it sounds, it suits both informal and formal occasions, as long as you take into account the above tips, your style and many other factors. But one thing for sure is that these accessories are luxurious and leave very elegant women without needing too much fuss.

Do you like? Which type is your favorite? Do you often use? tell us in the comments.

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