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To think of pants is to think of the infinite variety that exists in the fashion world, this piece of
clothing that appeared many years ago clothing is and always be a timeless classic in our wardrobe, from its emergence
to the present times, it is always undergoing changes and gaining new models that adapt easily fit different styles and
biotypes. For a few years now, skinny pants have been used and now women have given preference to baggy pants,
that are comfortable and at the same time stylish, after the success of mom jeans, the model that is currently
out there are slouchy pants. Know how to follow the trend and how to use it.

About slouchy pants

These pants are a novelty but your model has a slight resemblance to pants that already exist around like boyfriend
and mom jeans, this pants model has a very high waist, pleats in the front, it is wide up to
the knee, and tapers to the bar. Because of this modeling, the slouchy pants favor women who have wide hips, since
by the excess volume they help to disguise the size of the region and for thin women, the opposite happens,
giving the feeling of a bigger hip, that is, can be used by different types of bodies, as long as
it is well combined and making combinations with these pants is easier than it looks.

Even though the pants have the name “slouchy” when putting together a look, you don’t necessarily need to follow that
style, on the contrary, the pants are versatile and go well with everything, from a simple look to something more refined.

How to wear Slouchy pants

White t-shirt and slouchy pants

Slouchy pants and white shirt how to wear
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This combination is not wrong, the white shirt and pants (regardless of the model) will always be ideal for a
casual occasion, this normally basic look has a more vintage style if the pants are jeans if the trousers are
made of twill and have earthy tones, it is a great option to be used in summer as the result
is a light look and soft colors, even though it is a minimalist look, if you prefer, you can add
some accessories.

Slouchy pants and sweater

Slouchy pants and sweater how to wear

Slouchy pants also remain in the winter look, stripped down with a sweater or even a sweatshirt, comfort here is guaranteed, so that the blouse does not stand out and the highlight gets bigger in the pants, wear a sweater or sweatshirt inside your pants. If the sweater and pants are the same color, add a different color belt to create a contrast.

Slouchy pants and blazer

Slouchy pants and blazer how to wear

Wearing a tailored outfit with a stripped out results in a modern and very stylish look, as is the combination of blazer and slouchy pants, are clothes that have different styles, but that leave a formal touch, can be used from work look to happy hour, If you want to keep that look more refined, combine it with high heels.

Slouchy jeans

Although there are slouchy pants in different fabrics, jeans are predominant, because jeans are one of the most democratic options in fashion, suits all styles and you can use it in many different ways.

Slouchy pants looks

Use with tight blouses: slouchy pants are too bulky, and to avoid an exaggerated look, it’s ideal that you wear
it with blouses that are tight around the waist, but that can have volume in the sleeves, like the puffed
sleeve blouse. Independent of the chosen model of the blouse, pay attention only if it is tighter and that stays
inside the pants or is cropped.

Invest in a third piece: a blazer, coat, or jacket can add a touch of style to the look, but to be good it’s important to see the length of the third piece, preferably for a jacket that is at the beginning of the waist or just below the hip line and always remember to wear a fitted blouse underneath or a t-shirt with an offset print.

Bet on accessories: a composition with jeans usually tends to get more basic, and if that is not your intention, you can add some accessories to end the simplicity of the look, these accessories can follow a more classic style, like a mix of necklaces or something that makes them look more fashionista like belts with details or shoulder bag.

Which shoe to use with slouchy pants

Because this model of pants has a different length than usual, it is normal to have doubts about which shoe is ideal to wear, see below some of the most used options.

High heels: this shoe guarantees the look of an elegant and classic woman, the high heels sometimes breaks that stripped air that the pants transmit.
● Preferably for pant-colored or nude shoes, because it gives a feeling of stretching and is a great option for small women.

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Strappy sandal: refreshing and comfortable, the flat and strappy sandals tend to leave the casual look but without losing style, it is ideal to be used mainly on hot days and when look asks for a practical shoe.

Mule or sneakers: If you want a comfortable and cool look from head to toe, maybe wearing a mule or sneakers are the best options for you, these two types of shoes are versatile and match all styles and people.
If you have a more classic style and prefer something more refined the mule can leave your look with slouchy pants full of style,while sneakers is casual and goes well with pants, regardless of the occasion

Did you see how beautiful this model of pants is and super easy to use? You can even leave your mom jeans in the wardrobe and give slouchy pants a try, inspirations of looks and style will not be missing, since these stylish pants are making the biggest success.

What do you think of slouchy pants? Would you use it or not do your style? Which combination is your favorite?

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