Trend: Wide leg pants – the pants of the moment

Skinny pants are losing more and more space in the fashion world, that’s because pants with baggy designs have
been appearing more frequently in street style fashion shows and looks. After the success of slouchy pants, now it’s time for wide leg pants to have a guaranteed space in their looks, and if you’re a fan of tight pants, maybe this is the time to give your pants a change, how about that? Check out the following tips and learn how to wear the trend of the season.

What is wide leg pants?

A combination of pantaloons and straight pants is what defines wide leg pants. It is wide along its entire
length following the straight format, the hem of these pants is usually closer to the floor, thus being a variation
of pantaloons pants. This model of pants helps to elongate the silhouette, has a stretching effect and is
recommended for all types of bodies.

How to wear wide leg pants?

Do you know that model of pants that goes with everything? This is the wide leg pants, from stylish to casual looks, she is very versatile and easy to wear. Depending on the fabric of the pants, it can go
through many styles and be used from the look for walking to the work look. See some inspiring looks and
learn the right way to dress.

Wide leg pants jeans

Jeans are democratic and can be used in many different ways, wide leg pants with denim fabric are
recommended during the summer, because the wide modeling is very fresh and fits better during the season and
of course they are great for looks casuals.

Wide leg pants and t-shirt

Wide leg pants and t-shirt look

A double combination of casualness, if you have a basic or printed t-shirt at home, you can use it
to create your look with the pants. T-shirts can be tighter and worn inside the pants for the look to
be harmonious and with symmetry.

With cropped blouse

Wide leg pants and cropped blouse look

Wearing a tight-fitting blouse with baggy pants is the perfect balance and cropped in their most varied patterns, colors and prints, is the right blouse for almost every occasion. To not be so basic, complement the combination with some accessories.


Wide leg pants and shirt look

The shirt with a more classic modeling always adds a formal touch to looks, even when used with jeans. If in your workplace, you don’t need formal looks, you can bet on this combination, to finish it elegantly, wear high heels.


Wide leg pants and jacket look

The wide leg pants jeans are recommended to be worn in the summer, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn on cold days, and these looks are proof of that. The pants can be combined with coats, trench coat and even a blazer. To set up a suitable production, wear pants that have heavier fabric and dark wash because they are better suited to cold days.

Wide leg pants with cut out

Wide leg pants with cut out

Pants with cut out are the strongest trend of the moment and it is already possible to find them even in wide leg pants, this stylish detail leaves a part of the skin showing and consequently has a sensual touch. Combine this model’s pants with tight blouses like corset, top or body to achieve a charming look.

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How to use wide leg pants of tailoring?

If jeans are ideal for casual looks, tailoring is the perfect choice for formal and work looks, the sophisticated cut adds much more elegance to looks with a more classic style. You can find pants in different colors, from neutral tones to bolder ones that can make your look very different.

With shirt

The traditional tailoring shirt + pants combination is always a good choice, the difference of these pants is that they give the look a more modern touch. Take advantage of the color variations of the pieces when getting dressed, and create a basic or different look.

Basic blouses

Did you think these pants were only good for formal looks? Well know you were wrong, the piece you wear in the upper region can change your entire look. If you want something with a more casual feel, wear more laid-back blouses and with a simple modeling, it’s even worth betting on a t-shirt, so you’ll get a hi-lo style.

Wide leg pants colored

If you want to give a fun touch to your look even wearing formal clothes, the main tip is for you to wear pants that have different colors, pink, green, wine, finally, it will make you much more creative and modern in a few seconds. The cool thing about this is that you can play with colors a lot, depending on what style you want to convey. Whether it’s a neutral-colored blouse or a print, both go perfectly with the vibrant-colored pants, but it’s worth remembering that it’s good to have a balance so you don’t get too much information.


Another piece that every woman has at home and that also matches the trend pants is the blazer, this is one of the looks indicated for the work environment, because it combines everything the place needs, elegance and good taste. Wearing a very long blazer with these pants may not be the best option for not being too exaggerated, ideally, the blazer length should reach a little below the hips.

Other tips for wearing wide leg pants

  • To lengthen the silhouette, wear with high heels
  • Never bend or cut the hem of your pants because the intention is to keep them touching the floor.
  • If you wear printed pants, make sure the print enhances the shape of your body.
  • Wide leg pants with structured fabrics are great and highlight the silhouette.

Are you convinced that these pants are a success and that you need to have one to create amazing looks? With its modeling similar to other pants, but with its unique style, wide leg pants are guaranteed wardrobe space for many women. Admittedly, it’s a very fashionista and versatile pants, isn’t it?

Do you like wide leg pants? How do you like to dress? What is your favorite look?

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