Trends in beauty ideas during the pandemic

The year 2020 has been very different from the ones we’re used to, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were instructed to stay at home, at this time of quarantine many habits changed, among them, skin and hair care. With closed beauty salons and beauty centers, many people started to have a moment of self-care at home, the makeup that is already part of our daily lives was left aside and the consumption of products for skin and hair increased, knowing how to take care of yourself is now part of the new reality and for that, there is nothing better than having cosmetics that help you in this process, right? That’s why in this post you can check the beauty trends most used during the pandemic and that can be part of your life now or later.

Face massager

crystals and jade roller can be used daily, in upward movements on the skin, for one minute or more.

Without a doubt, facial massagers are here to stay, is that type of item that can already be part of the beauty routine, besides bringing many benefits to the skin and well being. The stones and jade roller have been used as medicinal therapies for a long time in the Gua Sha facial massage, this technique helps in facial drainage, relaxation and facilitates the penetration of products into the skin.

Face mask

The use of the face mask varies according to the chosen mask, but it should normally be used for 30 minutes and then removed completely, its use is indicated twice a month.

It is not today that facial masks are successful in the world of skincare, but usage has increased a lot more recently, is practically that moment when the person uses to dedicate themselves to relaxation, put on some soft music, apply the mask and enjoy. The variety of masks that exist in stores today is huge, has for all types of skins and with different functions, such as rejuvenating, soothing, whitening, anti-acne, etc.

Facial cleansing brush

to clean with it, you need to apply the soap on the facial brush and make circular movements to clean the face and then rinse thoroughly. Despite bringing numerous benefits to the skin, it is recommended that the facial cleansing brush is used two to three times a week.

Who doesn’t love to have clean skin and that pleasant and refreshing feeling? This is often possible with normal cleaning, but with the use of the facial brush, cleansing is even more intense, as it helps to exfoliate, reduces oiliness, completely removes makeup residues from the skin and helps circulation.

Facial Serum

the serum is a concentrated fluid that acts quickly on the skin, you can use it alone or with another moisturizer, can be used twice a day after cleansing the skin.

If you’re working from home using your computer, you’ve probably noticed how it affects your skin, the lights emitted by the computer can cause premature aging, acne, and even chloasma, and that is why the use of sunscreen is indispensable when using these devices, but the protector alone is not enough, another product that became women’s best friends during this pandemic is serum and cosmetics with vitamin C which has the benefits of moisturizing the skin, preventing signs of aging, regenerating collagen and elastin fibers, that is, everything we need in one product.

Lip balm

There are many types of lip balm, with flavors, neutral and indifferent textures, choose one that moisturizes and uses throughout the day, applies whenever necessary.

The makeup left the scene but if there’s something that you can’t neglect it’s the lips, even more now that we need to wear the protection mask daily, this region becomes drier and ends up being forgotten, you don’t need to wear lipstick but it’s ideal to always have a lip balm to apply, and if you want you can also use lipstick, but choose those that have a matte texture, you apply and dry quickly and you can put on the mask afterward.

Hair tinting mask

Before using it, it is important that you choose the ideal tinting mask for your hair color (blond, black, red, brown, gray) to avoid unwanted effects, it should stay on the hair for 5 to 15 minutes and can be applied every 20 days.

Staying at home has been a time of liberation for many people, this is possible to see by the number of women who have assumed their natural threads, be they white, curly, straight, etc, but on the other hand, there are people with dyed hair and who made sure to keep the color, painting frequently or using a tinting mask to enhance and keep hair color alive. The famous tinting mask that enhances hair colors was one of the most used products during this pandemic.

Skincare fridge

This is not necessarily to be used on the skin or hair, but it’s a consumer dream for almost everyone who loves skincare, the beauty fridge for storing cosmetics is ideal for storing those products that cannot be exposed and cannot stay in the conventional refrigerator, it’s small and ideal for storing facial masks, creams with watery textures, cosmetics with vitamin C and more, when you remove it from the refrigerator the product is very cold and is great especially in the heat.

Taking the time to take care of you is more than necessary, if possible, dedicate a day just to that, moisturize your hair, color your nails, wear a face mask and relax, but always pay attention to the products indicated for your skin type, right?

Now that you know the beauty trends most used during the pandemic, comment about your favorite and that you’ve used the most in the last few months.

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