Turtleneck: learn to wear from summer to winter

If there’s a collar that makes anyone look elegant in a matter of seconds, it’s the turtleneck, practical, versatile and
easy to wear, which suits all seasons. Do you have a blouse or dress with a high collar at your house and you don’t know how to use it? So check out the tips below and learn how to wear this type of collar from summer to winter.

How to wear turtleneck in summer?

Is it possible to wear a turtleneck in summer? Yes, it is possible, especially if she has a light fabric
like cotton and if the blouse or dress is sleeveless. This blouse model is basic, but depending on how you
wear it, it can be used for different occasions and carry over into many styles.

Turtleneck blouse with skirt

Turtleneck blouse with skirt how to wear

Two refreshing clothes together to make your summer look much more charming, you can wear the turtleneck
blouse with a short skirt or midi on hot days, an essential tip to make your look different is: mix
fabrics and colors, wear skirt and blouse of different colors for the result to be more harmonious.

Turtleneck dress

Turtleneck dress how to wear looks

Comfortable and practical is the high-necked dress, fortunately it can be worn any season of the year, what sets
it apart is the rest of the composition. In the summer look, combine the dress with sneakers, flats or even high heels. One thing that can influence your look is the color of the dress, bet on light and soft colors on hot days.
As for the winter look, the dress should have a slightly thicker fabric and can be used with boots, dark
tones combine better with cold days.

Turtleneck blouse with shorts

Turtleneck blouse with shorts how to wear

Every woman has at least one shorts in her wardrobe and if you want to wear them in a more
creative way, combine them with the collar blouse (it can be a t-shirt or a tank top), this is a
very casual way to combine the two pieces. To get away from the basics, prefer tailoring shorts or with more sophisticated fabric, complete the look with accessories and the result will have a touch of sophistication.

How to wear turtleneck in winter?

When winter comes, all we want is to be warm from head to toe and high-collared clothes have the
function of warming a specific part of our body: neck, which is all we need. For winter looks, turtleneck clothing
can be long-sleeved and have a warmer fabric, knitting is an excellent option, but if you want to wear just,
the fabric can be lighter, check out these tips and learn to use.

Pants and turtleneck blouse

Turtleneck blouse with pants how to wear

The casualness that we love so much in everyday life is present in every way in this look. The collar blouse is wonderful when used with pants, and with the variety of pants that exist, you can create different combinations, because it goes well with wide leg pants, pantaloons, clochard, anyway, just use your creativity.

Trench coat

Turtleneck blouse with trench coat how to wear

If you are the type of person who uses a trench coat to create a warm and sophisticated look, then you can start wearing this second piece with a turtleneck blouse underneath that will look doubly sophisticated, this pair adds elegance to any style and is very practical for those who want a chic look in no time. The trench coat is usually a heavier piece, to keep your look lined up, use a blouse or dress with a high collar that has a lighter fabric, so one outfit doesn’t detract from the other.


Turtleneck blouse with jumpsuit how to wear

The jumpsuit is the outfit that goes well with everything and with the high collar it would be no different, you can wear this overlay in a casual or more refined way, it all depends on the style of your jumpsuit. If it’s denim overalls, wear blouses that have some detail that stands out, if it’s cotton or viscose, the blouse can be more basic.

Denim jacket

With its informality and casualness, the denim jacket somehow breaks the elegance of the turtleneck blouse, but it is a great complement for those looking for a simpler look. This combination is very versatile and you can join pieces of the same color in a monochromatic production with the collar blouse underneath.


Want to wear the turtleneck blouse for your work look? Then combine it with a blazer, the tailoring piece adds even more sophistication to the finest collar. Use different colors on your blouse and blazer to create a nice contrast and finish this look the way you prefer, as the top is more formal, you can wear something more casual like jeans or tailored pants for the more classic look.

Fashion tip: How to wear necklaces with turtleneck clothes?

This is a common question: can turtleneck clothing be worn with a necklace? And the answer is yes, regardless of the season and your outfit, you can add a necklace to give it a more charming touch and best of all it goes with all types of necklaces. For those who have a bigger bust, the ideal is larger necklaces that are in the region between the bust, the pendants can be bigger or smaller, it depends on your style and what you like. For those with a smaller bust, tighter or choker necklaces are the most recommended, they can be rich in details and you can even use a mix of necklaces, because the closed collar doesn’t detract from the accessories.

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Hot or cold, it’s always nice to have a turtleneck blouse or dress to wear at different times, isn’t it? And with these tips, it’s even easier to wear this collar shape that never goes out of style.

Which look is your favorite? How do you like to wear turtleneck clothes?

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