What clothes to wear to exercise?

Exercising is essential for staying in good physical shape and being a healthier and stronger person, there are
countless benefits that it causes to the body and mind, when the person exercises improves physical conditioning, increases self-esteem, reduces the risk of developing diseases, among other benefits. But before you start doing any kind of physical activity, it is essential to choose a suitable outfit, it seems superficial, but believe me, choosing the right clothes will make all the difference when you are exercising. You don’t know how to choose the right outfit? So, see the tips below.

How to choose the right clothes for exercise?

Functionality is the main feature that an outfit for going to the gym should have, if it is beautiful,
it is something more, but it is essential that it is functional and that you know how to choose carefully
according to the important features.

Fabric: it is very necessary to choose a fabric that is best for the activity you are going to practice,
there are some that are better for certain situations and seasons. It is usually necessary that the exercise clothes
are elastic, allow breathability and give greater freedom during movement.
Polyamide is one of the most recommended fabrics because it is extremely comfortable and absorbs sweat, cotton
and viscolycra are also good.

Comfortable and tight to the body: It is essential that your clothes for going to the gym are comfortable, as
it will make you more prepared to exercise and will give you a pleasant feeling. Clothing should also be
tight-fitting because it makes you much more comfortable and doesn’t show too much of your body, Of course, for some exercises you can wear something looser, but it’s ideal to wear tight clothes that will allow you much more flexibility during your movements.

Elasticity, quick drying, malleability and breathability are some of the characteristics you should also find in the fitness look.

Best exercise clothes

Wearing the oldest and shabby clothes you have at home is a thing of the past, now you need to look appropriate even for times when you’re going to exercise. The variety is great and there is definitely one suitable for you and what you practice, see below.


Top to practice exercise

The importance of wearing something tight is to give more support, as the tops that support the breasts and
are excellent to be worn during running, weight training, dancing, etc. If you feel too exposed in just the top, you can wear a loose tank top over the top.

Legging pants

Legging pants to practice exercise

The favorite piece of clothing for women to exercise is and always will be legging pants, they adjust to the body, are comfortable and very elastic, perfect for various exercises. In fact, it makes a good combination when used together with the top, this type of pants is so versatile that you can stay stylish even at the gym, if you want something more neutral, wear dark and traditional colored pants, if you want something more flashy, go with printed pants. After all, your gym look doesn’t have to be boring.

Biker shorts

Bier short to practice exercise

Cyclist shorts go far beyond looks for exercising with a bicycle, they are so comfortable, practical, ideal for hot
days that can be used in many sports practices. It has cool fabric, retains sweat and highlights curves, can be worn with a top or loose blouses.

Sweatshirt set

Sweatshirt set to practice exercise

Not having clothes to wear during workouts on cold days doesn’t have to be an excuse, because sweater sets are real allies, since they are lighter and allow for greater flexibility. Exercising with lots of clothing is not recommended, put on the sweat suit, but when you’re sweating too much, take it off.

Windbreaker jacket

Windbreaker jacket to practice exercise

For outdoor running and exercise, there’s nothing better than wearing a windbreaker jacket, they have precisely this function of protecting the body from the cold and wind and preventing a drop in body temperature. They are great options to keep warm and even a little stylish, because there are several jacket designs available to give a boost to your fitness look.

Top and short skirt set

If your intention is to wear a more tidy outfit that is still functional, the top and short skirt set may be an option for you. You can use it without being uncomfortable because the skirt part covers the butt, meaning much more freedom during squats or pilates.


Practical regardless of the occasion, the jumpsuit is one of the most versatile clothes and there are also many versions of it to be used in the gym, it adjusts easily to the body, highlights curves and gives volume to the butt. It is recommended for many styles of sports, especially those with repetitive movements. Choose polyamide jumpsuits because the fabric is more comfortable and retains sweat better.

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Ballerina pants

Legging pants are preferred because they are tight to the body, but ballerina pants also have a space in the look of those who practice yoga, ballet or any other type of dance. These pants tend to have the widest design and the soft, stretchy fabric. Absolutely comfy.

Other tips for choosing your exercise look

  • To practice yoga, water aerobics, pilates and similar activities, wear non-slip socks.
  • Gaiters are recommended to be used on cold days, because it preserves, warms and prevents injuries.
  • It may be necessary to wear appropriate gloves during some exercises.
  • Always wear shoes that are comfortable and support you during your workout.

See how choosing the workout look must be something well thought out? After all, in addition to displaying a beautiful look, it’s also important to preserve your body so as not to cause damage if you’re dressing inappropriately.

What do you like to wear to exercise? Which clothing option is your favorite?

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