What is the ideal hair and makeup for each face shape?

Have you ever used a haircut or make-up and felt that it didn’t quite fit? Well know that this is directly linked to visagism (art of creating an authentic personal image according to their physical characteristics), and consequently, the shape of your face, it may seem simple, but your face shape directly determines what matches or doesn’t match your appearance. If you’re wondering what your face shape is, which hair or makeup suits you best, we answer all of these questions below.

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How do I find out the shape of my face?

This is a classic question and few know the answer, but with some very quick and easy exercises you can easily find the answer.

1– Put your hair up completely and take a photo of your face only, then look at the photo and imagine or draw a vertical line that divides the face (this line will be the length of the face),imagine or draw a horizontal line that divides the face in half (this line will be the width of the face). After making the lines, compare the measurements and find out the result.

2– Fasten your hair, stand in front of a mirror fixed in a lighted place,use a dark lipstick or a pen and draw the outline of your face in the mirror (except the ears), avoid moving while making the contour and at the end you will be able to discover the shape of your face.

3– Using an application that discovers the face shape is also a great option if you want something faster and more correct.

Did you do any of these exercises? So now you can better identify the characteristics of your face.

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What are the face shapes?

Face shape
Images: Pinterest

There are nine types of face shapes the most common are: oval, round, square, triangular, heart and diamond and the less common ones are inverted, rectangular triangle, and the long one, see below the main characteristics of each face and identify yours.

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Oval face

Oval face shape
Images: Pinterest

This face shape is one that matches almost everything, the horizontal line is ⅔ of the vertical line, it is slightly more elongated, the corners of this face are smooth and delicate and have no sharp angles.

Ideal hair: cuts with movements, asymmetrical and with volume are the most suitable for this face shape, straight or side bangs are also good options that make the face not look so long.
Ideal makeup: darken below the cheekbones and brighten the nose and forehead, the highlight will be in this region.

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Round face

Round face shape
Images: Pinterest

Very similar with the oval face, on the round face, the forehead and chin are shorter and the forehead is rounder,the lines of the length and width of the face have the same dimensions, this face shape has no straight lines, it is very rounded like a real circle.

Ideal hair: haircut can be medium or long with straight sides and covering the region of the cheekbones, decreasing the round appearance.
Ideal makeup: to tune and lengthen that face shape, darken based on the sides of the
cheeks and below the apples and brighten below the eyes, on the nose, in the center of the
forehead and chin.

Square face

Square face shape
Images: Pinterest

The lines on the square face are straight and intense, from the forehead, lateral to the chin,
the jaw is well marked, the horizontal line of the face is proportional to the vertical line and
the height and width are close.

Ideal hair: short haircuts enhance this face shape by highlighting straight lines, as well as
the most messy, bulky and asymmetrical cuts.
Ideal makeup: this face shape is correct to illuminate the nose, the middle of the chin and
forehead for this region to stand out and darken from the top of the forehead.

Triangular face

Triangular face shape
Images: Pinterest

The triangular face is really like a triangle, the upper region (forehead) is narrow, while the
mandible is wider,the width of that face increases in the chin area.
Ideal hair: lateral fringes, medium cuts with volume.
Ideal makeup: darken the region of the jaw giving the effect that this region is smaller, and
light up under the eyes, mid forehead, nose and chin.

Heart face

Images: Pinterest

This face shape usually has the widow’s peak evident (triangle of hair on the forehead) and
the chin is more pointed, on the heart-shaped face, the vertical line is longer than the
horizontal line, the forehead and cheekbones are wider and the jawlines are long and
Ideal hair: medium and volume cuts favor the face, bangs can also be used if you want to
disguise the forehead size.
Ideal makeup: dark on the side of the forehead close to the hair root and on the sides of the
cheekbone and illuminated in the middle of the forehead, nose, below the eyes and chin.

Diamond face

Images: Pinterest

Similar to the heart shape, on the diamond face, the length line is greater than the width line,
the forehead and hairline are narrower, the cheekbones are wider,the lines of the jaws are
long and straight and the chin is thinner.
Ideal hair: layered cut, pixie cut.
Ideal makeup: dark below the temple and below the cheeks, and pass illuminator on the
chin and forehead in a circular motion, and on the nose vertically.

Inverted triangle face

Images: Pinterest

The inverted triangle face shape is really similar to the upside down geometric shape,the
forehead is usually wider and the chin is more pointed.
Ideal hair: A-line bob cut (with longer ends in the front, short hair with long bangs.
Ideal makeup: just like the heart-shaped face.

Rectangular face

Images: Pinterest

It has very straight and angular lines, as well as the square face, but what differentiates is
the length, on the rectangular face, the line of length is almost twice as wide and the
forehead and chin are longer.
Ideal hair: avoid wearing long hair, short haircuts give the impression of a smaller face and
using a side bang can soften the straight marked lines of the face.
Ideal makeup: just like square-shaped face makeup.

Long face

Images: Pinterest

The width line is less than the length line, the strokes are more elongated in the forehead
and chin space.
Ideal hair: long bangs, cut in layers and long bob.
Ideal makeup: the makeup for this face is done with the intention of making it look smaller
and more harmonious, for this to happen, darken the top of the forehead and the tip of the
jaw, the central region of the face, below the eyes and in the middle of the nose must be

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And believe me after you discover the shape of your face, it will be even easier to choose
earrings, glasses and other accessories that harmonize with your face.

What is the shape of your face and what type of haircut and makeup do you like to wear?

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