Gel, lotion, moisturizer or oil: what is the ideal cream texture for each skin type

The cosmetics industry has a huge variety of specific products for each type of skin, among the diversity of
items that exist, something that stands out and differentiates them is the texture, which can be in gel,
lotion, moisturizer or oil, each texture acts differently on the body and skin. But do you know which of these textures is right for you? Check out the differences below and learn the guide on how to buy the right products for
your body and skin.

Gel, lotion, moisturizer or oil: which is texture better?


The gel is divided into two types: gel and cream gel, the gel has a lighter texture, is insoluble in water
and hydrates, the cream gel has a greater amount of water, it hydrates more without leaving the skin oily.

Suitable for: the gel is suitable for dry skin and the cream gel is recommended for oily skin, because of
the greater amount of water it contains.


With a liquid and milky texture, the lotion must be shaken before being used, it is less full-bodied and oily
than the moisturizer, it helps to retain body water, prevents dryness, it moisturizes without leaving the skin sticky
and because of this characteristic it is very suitable for days when the heat is very intense.

Suitable for: dry and oily skin.


This is a classic texture of cosmetics and body creams, the texture is thick and consistent, the absorption is slow
and takes longer to dry, the moisturizing cream contains preservatives that replenish the water and fat lost in the skin.

Suitable for: all skin types can use moisturizer, they are great especially on cold days to keep the skin hydrated.


The oils hydrate the body, have a more oily and slippery texture, ideal to be used during or after a
shower, because it penetrates the pores better, in winter this is an essential item to keep the skin hydrated.

Suitable for: all skin types can use oil, especially those with dry skin.

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Texture cream for skin

Gel, lotion, moisturizer or oil: which is better?

Once you know the differences between textures, it’s okay to wonder which one is best for your body type, but
look below to find out which one might work best for you.

It is important that you know your skin type before using any product on it, after all, if you use a product that is not suitable, the rebound effect may occur. Pay attention to some of the main characteristics of each skin.

  • Oily skin: enlarged pores, excessive shine and acne prone.
  • Dry skin: skin without greasiness, dull appearance and luminosity.
  • Mixed skin: excessive oil in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dryness in the other regions of the face.

When you know your skin type, it is much easier to choose the right texture that adapts easily to your skin, it is essential to think about this before choosing the consistency of a product.

It is necessary to control the oiliness of oily skin to prevent excessive shine from causing acne and blackheads, this type of skin needs greater care, products with light textures such as gel, gel cream and lotion are the best for those with oily skin, because they are textures that dry quickly on the skin and do not leave a sticky or oily feeling.

Dry skin, on the other hand, needs more hydration, the products must have a creamy consistency, moisturizer and oil are the best for this type of skin, because they hydrate and reduce the dry appearance, giving more shine and replenishing the nutrients lost by the skin.

What is the best texture to use in summer?

It may seem like a simple detail, but during each season of the year, body and skin need different hydration. As the days are sunny during the summer, lighter, quick-drying textures like gel and oil are best, the skin is hydrated and refreshing at the same time.

What is the best texture to use in winter?

All skin during the winter is drier, this is mainly due to the amount of hot baths, it is necessary to replenish all of the skin’s hydration, so during the cold winter days, products with dense texture such as oil and moisturizer are the best, they leave hydrated regions for much longer.

Recommended textures for all skin types

There are specific textures for each skin type and this must always be respected when using, but there are also some textures that work on all skin types, without restrictions, see below:

Mousse: two-phase emulsions, the internal phase is composed of gas and the external phase is composed of a liquid, the consistency is similar to foam.

Tonic: used to help cleanse and balance the skin’s pH, the tonic is easy to spread and has high absorption, it is recommended for all skin types.

Can I use the same product on my skin and body?

Never do this, each region of the body and skin acts differently and never the same product should be used in different parts, the texture can be the same, but for each care it is necessary to have a specific product. Before use, read and make sure it’s facial or body, and it’s ideal for your skin type.

Skin hydration goes far beyond using cosmetics with adequate textures, although they are important, it is essential to hydrate yourself from the inside out with daily habits such as drinking 2 liters of water a day, having a good diet and protecting yourself from external factors, all internal care reflects on the external. So, take care to have a hydrated, lightened and rejuvenated skin for much longer. Consult a dermatologist to indicate the best product textures for your skin, and in case of any allergic reaction, discontinue use.

Are you in the habit of moisturizing your skin? What product texture do you use? Is it suitable for your skin type?

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