Why developing a hobby is healthier?


The era we are living in now is full of pace. The things you learn today get outdated in a week or two; can you imagine someone who acquired a new skill with all the hard work he invested, and in a couple of months, it is of no use how frustrating it can be leading to so much stress in life. What I am exactly trying to convey is that if one develops a hobby, then it will be so easy to come out of a similar kind of stress which we go through almost daily. 

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Hobbies help us to shift our focus from a stressful situation or an event for some time, keeping us in an environment that is peaceful and healthy. But one needs to be cautious that these hobbies are positive and are bringing the best in you. Many people have hobbies like watching television or getting into some gossip, but these will only magnify the stress level.

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  • Positive hobbies like exercise, reading, listening to some soothing music, or playing with your kids are amazing ones and release a lot of feel-good hormones oxytocin in our bodies, making us happy, productive, and energized. Even writing can be a real hobby because when we write, we are putting our thoughts on paper, which in turn releases a lot of emotions and makes us feel lighter. 

Benefits of Developing a Hobby

  • Beneficial for your physical wellbeing. The hobbies make us active, and we feel younger and more energetic. Going for long drives can be a good example, driving towards natural beauty, lakes. It will push you to go outdoors and allow you to be close to nature. The hobby need not be something which you are not comfortable with, it can be a simple walk, or going for a swim or working out in a gym, or maybe playing your favorite sport it is that simple.
  • A hobby will help your mind to be more charged up and enlightened most of the time. When we practice a hobby, there are few chemical reactions which take place in the brain, which would help us stay away from any mental illness. Such hobbies do improve our mental alertness as well and help very much in concentration. Hobbies can also help improve our self-esteem.  
  • Hobbies bring out the creativity in our lives, and everyone wants to be a creative person. Hobbies can help you look at things from a positive side and come up with new ideas, which can be the reason for becoming successful in life.  
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  • Hobbies can help us grow spiritually, as well. Doing regular meditation can be a fantastic way to release stress hormones (cortisol). Daily meditation as a hobby can bring out the human side of you and make you calmer and fill you up with gratitude for whatever life has to offer.
  • Hobbies make us stress-free. We all need a positive distraction that can take our thoughts away from any negativity, problems, or challenges. Even a hobby like gardening can make us forget about the worries, the struggles which we might be facing, and shift our mindset to something creative and optimistic. 
  • Our relationships with our loved ones become better since hobbies de-clutter our minds and put us in a situation where we understand our partners and family members better. Hobbies like playing outdoors can bring our friends and acquaintances together. Physical activities, when done in groups, create a sense of camaraderie amongst everyone.   
  • Hobbies, if they are part of our lives, can prove to be helpful when it comes to giving our best in our careers or a job. A hobby can bring out new skills that we had never thought of earlier. A few of them can be like designing, selling skills, or being an excellent communicator or negotiator. One can turn out to be a good networker as well with impeccable networking skills. Just imagine all these skills can take our careers to the next level if we develop such hobbies and nurture them.  
  • Even people in their old age can enjoy their life if they develop hobbies like gardening, fishing or playing their favorite sport. The hobbies can certainly keep them away from medical conditions like senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, to name a few, which are very common at old age. Life expectancy also increases because of hobbies.  
  • For many people, hobbies can also turn into a profession. Like for example, singing can be a hobby; hence, it might turn someone into a professional singer. Someone might take up exercises as a hobby, which might make them more interested to learn about exercises and help them become successful wellness coaches. So, hobbies can surely change our lives for good.  
  • The hobbies, if developed, can help us to transform our lives into someone who loves to offer without any selfish motive. It will make us feel to provide any help to others, especially to those who cannot return the favor. This gesture of ours will bring a sense of fulfillment in our lives and will bring a lot of positive energy. The universe always rewards more to someone who gives more to the needy. 

Concluding Thoughts  

In today’s smartphone and social media world, we are so much glued to gadgets and live in a virtual environment that hobbies are something which we think about as the last option and never concentrate on developing one. It is highly essential to break this pattern, and there is an urgent need to adopt healthy hobbies like a physical book reading, gardening, playing outdoors, or playing chess.  

So, once we start developing these types of hobbies, a shift in our mindsets will be evident, boosting our productivity at workplaces, and we can create better relationships with whoever we meet. 

Last but not least is writing as a hobby. Because when we write, we pen down our thoughts on a paper, in an article or a blog, so this gives us an outlet for our minds to speak out and de-stress ourselves. The best practice is to share our stories with the world through our writing. 

It can be through a blog, article, or poem, and you never know who will get inspired by your story, and he or she might take action and achieve the unachievable. 

Do share your thoughts with regards to your hobbies in the comment section. My suggestion to you is to pick up a hobby today itself and let us know how it has transformed your life so that the readers can get inspired.

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